Friday, May 11, 2007

Capital Grille

(Originally posted on 4/17/07)

I recently had lunch at the new Capital Grill in Burlington. It had only been open for about two weeks. It is located in the Wayside Commons and easily accessible from Rt.128. The interior is certainly impressive, with lots of dark woods, leather, wine decor and mounted animal heads. There is also an open kitchen area. It is reminiscent of the Boston location. There is also a very nice bar area.

The lunch menu contains appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches and small meals. Yes, it is pricey. And that may turn away some people though the restaurant was packed the day I was there. We began our lunch with the shrimp cocktail which consists of five, fresh good-sized shrimps. The accompanying sauce was spicy and quite good. We then had a tomato, mozzarella and basil salad which was plentiful, ffresh and tasty. I should also note that we received a basket of warm rolls and some type of flatbread which was very good.

As entrees, we have the rib eye sandwich and the lobster/crab burger. The rib eye is topped with carmelized onions and Harvati cheese on a French bread. The steak was very tender and quite delicious. The lobster/crab burger was a large lobster/crab cake atop a sweet Brioche roll. It was filled with lots of sweet meat and nice spices. Both sandwiches were excellent. For a side, we both had the home-made potato chips which were superb! The sandwiches were $16 each.

Service was excellent. They seem to have everything in order which is quite amazing especially as they have only been open a short time. Though as it is a chain, they probably have these types of things down by now. Overall, this was an excellent, albeit pricey, lunch. It is not the sort of thing I will do on a regular basis, but it is certainly a special treat. Many of the other patrons seemed to be business men. I am sure the restaurant will stay busy.
By all means, if you are seeking a special treat, go check out the Capital Grille.

(Originally posted on 5/2/07)

I went back to the Capital Grille for lunch, as a treat for my mother's birthday. I called to make reservations and they asked whether it was a special occasion or not. I told them of my mother's birthday.

When we arrived at the restaurant, the hostess started by wishing my mother a happy birthday. At our table, they had a birthday card for her and the waiter knew it was her birthday as well. These were certainly nice additions that made it a more special occasion.

Lunch was very good. The lobster bisque was creamy, tasty and had several pieces of lobster in it. I had the rib eye steak sandwich, with the homemade potato chips and it was excellent. The rib eye was very tender and quite good sized. My mother had the swordfish with red bliss mashed potatoes. The swordfish was fresh, tender and very tasty. It was in a light sauce that did not overpower the fish.

We had dessert, and my mother's dessert was free because of her birthday. She had the creme brulee, which she thought was fantastic. I had the coconut cream pie, a huge dessert! There was plenty of whipped cream atop the pie and it was accompanied by a sugar cookie. Also an excellent dessert. Capital Grille made a great place for a special occasion!

Capital Grille
10 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA
Phone: (781) 505-4130

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