Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Five Points Cafe

(Originally posted 7/5/06)

Now for something cheap.....

While walking toward the Space Needle, we stumbled upon the Five Points Cafe which has a sign outside advertising the "best bacon in Seattle" and stating it is open 24/7. It kind of looks like a dive bar and the restaurant part is next to an actual bar.

We decided to have breakfast here one morning, to test their bacon. Inside, it does look like a dive bar on one side, with bras hanging from the ceiling and several men drinking at the bar at about 8am.

We ordered the basic eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns. The hash browns are "all you can eat." When the meal came, it was quite ample. A huge pile of hash browns, several long and thick pieces of bacon, a couple pieces of thick white toast and a couple eggs. The food was good, though the bacon was not the best I had ever had. I prefer my bacon a bit crispier and thinner. But it was still very good. And for the price, this breakfast was an excellent value.

They do serve lunch and dinner as well, and the menu seemed to have various inexpensive meals which sounded interesting. For a cheap and good meal, I would recommend this cafe. It might also be a wild night too!

Five Points Cafe
415 Cedar St.
Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 448-9993

Five Point Cafe in Seattle

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