Sunday, May 20, 2007

Grand Wine Tasting 1

Yesterday was quite a day! Two grand wine tastings and dinner out.

I organized a North Shore Winers event to attend two grand wine tastings, one at Grapevine Travelers and the other at OurGlass Wine Co.

We began at the Grapevine Travelers at 1pm. There were over 70 wines available for tasting, plus 9 beers. They also had cheese and crackers to help cleanse your palate in between the tastings. There was a quite diverse selection of wines, from all over the world, including lesser known regions such as Hungary, Uruguay and Brazil. There were whites, reds, roses and sparkling wines. This was a great opportunity to try many different wines.

Here is a list of the wines that I especially recommend from the tasting.

2004 Castel Noarna Lagrein, Rovererto, Italy $19
2003 ABC-Bricco Buon Natale Barbera, California $15
2004 Hopler Zweigelt, Burgenland, Austria $19
2006 Craftsman Pinot Noir Rose, Neszmely, Hungary $10
2005 Fairvalley Pinotage, Paarl, South Africa $11
2005 Dominio de Tares Baltos, Bierzo, Spain $16
2005 Alamos Bonarda, Mendoza, Argentina $12
2005 Hofstatter Meczan Pinot Nero, Alto Adige, Italy $24
2004 Solo Maremma Micante, Italy $18
2005 Lavis Dipinti Riesling, Trentino, Italy $12
2005 Verdad Albarino, Santa Ynez Valley, California $15
2006 Verdad Rose, Santa Ynez Valley, California $13
2003 Domaine du Perat Pineau des Charentes, France $20

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