Friday, May 11, 2007

Reviews of Wine of Canada

The following is a compilation of old reviews I have done on the wines of Canada.

Neige Apple Ice Wine: This is an intriguing dessert wine, and is available at the Wine Shop in Reading for $25 a bottle. It is sweet, and has a strong apple flavor. It is best drunk with apple desserts where it excels. It might go well too with other fruit based desserts.

Jost Vineyards, Cote de Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia, Marble Mountain: This red blend ($12 Canadian) is a non-vintage wine. I do not know what varietals were used in this wine. It is low in alcohol, only 11%. This was a very fruity wine, simple and to the point. It probably could be served chilled and probably is a good summer drink. It would also be a good wine for those who dislike dry wines as the fruitiness makes it seem sweet. To me, I would only Drink it on occasion and it is not really something I probably would buy again. But, the right person will probably enjoy the sweet fruitiness embodied in this wine.

1997 Inniskillin Founder's Show Reserve Pinot Noir: I opened this bottle the other night, and believe it cost around $25 though I bought it several years ago while in Canada. Its color had changed so it was almost more brownish, due to the age of the wine. It tasted very good though, smooth with a fine berry flavor and several layers of flavor. It was a more subtle Pinot, like a Burgundy rather than a California Pinot. I would definitely buy this again. Drink & Buy.


Valli said...

Living in Canada there are 2 major wine producing areas. The Niagara Region in Ontario and the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. I live in BC and therefore am quite partial to those wines. Lake Okanagan has a micro-climate where it is at least 5 degrees warmer and ideal for vineyard and wine production. I support our local producers nad have become a "wine snob" in that aspect and purchase only BC wines. Sorry, rest of the world!!

Richard A. said...

Hi Valli and welcome to my blog. I have had some wines from the Okanagan region before and enjoyed them. They are not easy to find though on the east coast. It is great to support your local producers though there is nothing wrong with trying at least a few wines from elsewhere.