Friday, May 11, 2007

Reviews of Wines of New Zealand

The following is a compilation of old reviews I have done on the wines of New Zealand.

2000 Rippon, Pinot Noir, Central Otago: At $40, this was the most expensive wine of the tasting. But, I would never have guessed it from its taste. It was an average pinot with nothing exceptional about it. I have had $20 pinots that would blow this one away. A disappointment and a definite No Drink/No Buy.

2003 Hunter's Pinot Noir, Marlborough: New Zealand has acquired some fame for their pinots and this wine is a good example of what they can do. A light colored, medium bodied wine is has a nice fruit aroma and a pleasant taste on the palate. It tastes of some berry but with spice as well. The berry is not too lush or overpowering. It is more subtle with a decent finish. It is a smooth wine as well with some complexity in its structure. It is a $20 wine so you do expect some complexity and it does deliver in that regard. For me, it is a definite Drink and Buy.

2005 Sileni Cellars, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough: At only 12.5% alcohol, this was a crisp, light wine with citrus and tropical fruit flavors. At $14, it was the most flavorful of the three wines and my favorite. A definite Drink & Buy.

2004 Mt. Difficulty Chardonnay, Central Otego: One whiff of this wine and I knew I would dislike it. It was a very oaky chardonnay, which I generally dislike. If you like oaky wines, you might like it. No drink, no buy.

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