Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Shopping Excursion

While out today, I decided to stop at the Merchants Liquor Mart in Danvers. I had seen their ad in my local paper, claiming they were a discount store. So, I was curious and wanted to see for myself. Though they have a website, it does not give much specifics about what they have. It is easy to find the store, just off Rt.128.

The store was supposed to have a wine tasting today, from 1-3pm, but I did not see one. The store itself is good-sized and has a decent selection of wine, including many of the usual suspects, the most common wine brands. Yet, if you look past those generic wines, you can find some more interesting wines as well. They have a small glass enclosed area with their high end wines, but there were maybe only a dozen wines there.

But it is their prices which making stopping here the real treat. Their prices all seem at least a few dollars less than most other stores. This makes it more akin to Rapid Liquors in Stoneham or the New Hampshire Liquor Stores. As an example, they had the Caymus Conundrum for $23. It normally sells for $27-30 elsewhere. (Though I also stopped by B.J.'s in Danvers today and they were selling the Conundrum for $20!) If I am up in the Danvers area, I might stop by their store though Rapid's is much closer for me.

I also stopped at the Beverly Wine & Beer Co. to take a look at their selection. I found a bottle of 2003 Duckhorn Goldeneye Pinot Noir. Now, this was a wine I had at a recent wine dinner which I thought was superb. I had bought a couple bottles at Rapid's for $50 each. But, Beverly was selling it for $65. So, I got a great deal at Rapid's and will get it there if I want more.

The only wine I bought today was a couple bottles of 2005 Boekenhoutskloof, The Wolftrap, from South Africa. I have had the 2004 before, and there is a review elsewhere on this blog. It is an intriguing red blend, that is smoky and spicy. The wine usually sells for around $10-12 but I got it for about $8 at the Merchants.

Next Saturday will be a much bigger wine day. I will be attending two grand wine tastings, one in Medford and the other in Saugus. I will need a designated driver!

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