Friday, May 11, 2007

Venetian Moon

Last evening, a group of my friends and I stopped by the Venetian Moon for dinner and drinks. I have been here several times before and recommended the place as an option last night.

The Venetian Moon has two floors. The upstairs is a small bar area with several tables. The downstairs is a larger lounge and dining area. They recently renovated the downstairs, making it much larger and more contemporary. At night, especially on the weekends, this place is very busy.

They have two menus, one for dinners and one for drinks and appetizers. You can order off of either menu. They have three pages of martinis and a huge selection of different vodkas. Most of the group ordered various martinis (around $9 each). They greatly enjoyed some of them, while a couple they did not care for as much. Generally, a couple were two sweet for their tastes.

There was a live band playing and they were rather loud. This is not the type of place for a quiet dinner. It feels much more like a bar than a restaurant. But, it does have excellent food.

I had the Chicken Marsala with Fusilli. They have an exceptional Marsala sauce, one of my favorites. The dish is also quite large. The chicken, prosciutto and pasta were all excellent. I highly recommend this dish! My friends ordered different dishes, and all of them were quite large. They all enjoyed their food very much. Dinners average around $18 or so.

Service was very good, especially as they were busy last night.

I recommend this restaurant. But just make sure you understand you are not likely to have a quite dinner, especially later in the evening. If you want a quiet meal, you might want to go earlier in the evening. If you want to drink and party, this would definitely be a fun place.

Venetian Moon
680 Main St
Reading, MA
Phone: (781) 944-3633

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