Saturday, November 24, 2007

Menotomy Beer & Wine

It seems that dry towns are starting to vanish. Two previously dry towns (or at least without liquor/wine stores), Arlington and Belmont, have both decided to allow such stores to exist. I visited two of those stores today.

Menotomy Beer & Wine is the first wine and beer store in Arlington. They do not sell hard liquor. "Menotomy" was the original name for Arlington, back when it was first settled in 1635. "Menotomy" is also an Algonquian word meaning "swift running water."

It is a small store with some very common wines, such as Yellowtail, to some less common ones. The wines come from various regions from South Africa to Portugal, from France to California. Prices seem reasonable. They currently have a discount of 10% for the purchase of any six bottles, and 20% for any twelve bottles. They also have a delivery program but you need to call them for details.

They hold weekly free tastings. Every Friday, from 4-7pm, they hold a beer tasting. Every Saturday, from 4-7pm, they hold a wine tasting.

As a local wine store, in a town that never had one, this is a good store. Though it is probably not a place that will attract people who live closer to other wine stores. It is small and its selection is probably not diverse enough to make it worth a visit if you have access to other stores. But it is still a relatively new store so things could change in the future.

Menotomy Beer & Wine
80 Broadway
Arlington, MA
Phone: 781-646-0889

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