Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Petit Robert Bistro

Kenmore Square has plenty of dining destinations and you have a wide variety of cuisine choices. You can get a burger at Uburger or check out the seafood at Great Bay. Or check out the French cuisine at Petit Robert Bistro.

I wanted to check out the Bistro as I had not yet gone there though I have heard many positive reviews. French master chef Jacky Robert has bistros in Kenmore Square (since 2005) and the South End (since 2006) and will soon open another in Needham. The Kenmore location is located below street level though their front window looks up to the street, and there is also a small outside patio area. The restaurant itself is small and cozy, with white linen table cloths. It certainly gives off an intimate bistro feel.

Both their lunch and dinner menus were available when I dined there. Their goal is to keep entree prices on their lunch menu under $12 on their dinner menu under $20. The menu has many traditional French bistro items as well as some of their own French-inspired creations. On the lunch menu, there were only two dishes that cost more than $10, so it is very reasonably priced. There were also several specials off the menu.

I decided to start with their Creamy Lobster Bisque ($7.75), which was off their dinner menu. Prior to my food arriving, I was served a small loaf of warm French bread with butter. Excellent bread with a nice crusty exterior and soft interior. They immediately put me into a good mood with this bread. Plus, they had fresh brewed, unsweetened iced tea. The bisque was creamy and flavorful, though it only had a small chunk of lobster meat in it. It did have a strong lobster flavor to it and was perfect for dipping my bread.

I then chose Annie’s Croque Madame ($6.75) as I am a big fan of those sandwiches. I am a bit spoiled from the exceptional Croque Madame's at L'Express in New York City so I have high standards. Annie's Croque is accompanied by a small salad and French fries. The sandwich was relatively small, with thin bread. For the price though, with the sides, I think it is reasonable. It generally tasted very good, except that my bottom piece of toast was overcooked, almost blackened. As I had time issues, I was not going to send it back. The French fries were very good, thin, shoe-string style, that were cooked perfectly. If my sandwich has not been overcooked, I would have given this sandwich my recommendation.

Service was excellent, very attentive and accomodating. I will return again to check out some of their other dishes, though I will be wary as to whether anything else gets overcooked.

Petit Robert Bistro
468 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 375-0699

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