Monday, March 16, 2009

Red Oak Winery: For Sale!

Would you like to own a winery? How about one in Massachusetts? If so, now may be your chance to purchase an existing winery.

Today on Craig's List, there is an advertisement about a "Secured Party Auction" of a winery located in Middleton, Massachusetts. This is the Red Oak Winery. It appears that a creditor of Red Oak Winery, who has a security interest in the winery, has not been paid sufficiently and has forced an auction.

The auction will be held on March 30 at 11am. The sale includes all wine, wine making equipment, furniture, & fixtures. It is sold "as is" and "where is." You can check out the ad for additional details.

I have not yet been able to find any additional information about this. The Red Oak Winery site mentions nothing about the auction.


Marco Montez said...

I am very sad to hear of this. Though I never really believed in Red Oak’s “story” as a model for success in the winery business, I still feel really bad that it had to come to this. Winery ownership is far from the romance that is sometimes associated with it. Reality is that it’s not easy to sell a bottle of wine, independently of the wine’s quality or QPR. Many things need to go right for a winery to be able to establish itself and achieve success. When success is achieved, a winery cannot let its guard down either because there are tens of thousands of other wines competing with its own. A friend of mine once told me… You have to be a little bit insane to get into the winery business. ;-)

Richard A. said...

Hi Marco:
Thanks for your comments. I think they apply to almost any business and not just wineries. It is why so many businesses fail each year. There are so many factors that need to come together to make a business succeed.

And I wish you much luck with your winery!

Wandering Peters said...

Where did you get your information? I tried to get in on your link to the "AD" but it led to an expired announcement, and as far as I'm aware, there is NO auction and the winery is under negotiation to expand.

Richard Auffrey said...

Hello Charlene:
Here is a link to a Craig's list search on "winery" under their For Sale section. There are several posts there indicating the Red Oak winery is up for auction.

The Garrett auctioners site also discusses the auction, just search under "business for sale."

Anonymous said...

What is the current status of Red Oak Winery?