Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SwissBäkers: More Enticing Products

I really enjoy when my favorite places add something new to their menus, when they expand their repertoire. The SwissBäkers in Reading, which I have previously raved about, has been doing this, showcasing new products, or at least products I had not previously seen on their shelves. And these new items are just as delicious as everything else they make.

The Swiss Swirl Cake is a small loaf, a sweet bread with hazelnuts, which makes for an excellent breakfast treat or a nice dessert. It is not overly sweet and the nuts add an interesting taste to the bread. The ChocoCake is also a small loaf, almost like a rich, soft brownie cake. It is moist with a strong chocolate flavor and a thick slice topped with ice cream would make for a great treat. As usual, both are made with fresh, natural ingredients.

You could also try the SwissStix or ChocoStix, packages of three short cookie "sticks." The SwissStix have a nice hazelnut flavor to them and are crisp on the outside and soft inside. The ChocoStix are similar but obviously have a chocolate flavor. I think this cookies would be enjoyed by everyone, from children to adults. A nice after school snack or a treat next to a cup of tea.

As an added incentive, SwissBäkers now issues frequent buyer cards, a Swiss Passport. Every time you make a purchase there, your card is stamped. When the card is full, after ten purchases, you get a free treat.

If you have not visited SwissBäkers yet, then what are you waiting for?

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