Monday, June 29, 2009

Rant: Break That Rut

I have met people who only drink Chardonnay. I have met others who rarely visit more than a single restaurant. Or they order the same dish every time they visit a restaurant. They are stuck in a boring rut. They have closed themselves off from such a wide range of opportunities for fantastic wine wine and food.

There is no need for such a rut. Why shut yourself off from a myriad of possibilities, where you can find so many new and exciting foods and drinks? Don't deprive yourself of the many available options out there. Take a chance and break out of your rut.

If you only drink one type of wine, or a limited selection, then go to wine tastings and try new wines. And keep trying new ones. Whenever you get a chance to try a new wine, do so. You might not like every wine you taste, but I bet you find some new wines that you do like. You might be very surprised at how many wines you actually end up enjoying. With the many thousands of wines out there, why restrict yourself to a single type?

The same goes with food. Don't order the same meal every time. Branch out and choose something new and exciting. You never know what other wonders are out there to discover. Select a new restaurant and check out what they have to offer. Break out of your comfort zone and take a chance.

Is it risky? Sure it is. But it is well worth the risk because you stand to find some incredible new wines and foods. You might not always succeed but when you do, you will be very, very happy. I love making new discoveries, trying new experiences. This weekend, I tried a wine made from a grape that was new to me. And I loved it. I also tried garlic scapes for the first time, made as a tempura, and they were absolutely delicious.

What new things have you tried lately?

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