Friday, July 10, 2009

Wine in a Bag: Box or Barrel?

Which appeals to you more? Finding a small wine barrel at the bar or a box of wine? Many people would probably prefer the barrel. Yet the difference between the barrel and the box is mere appearances. It may alter your perception of the wine, though the wine itself may not be any different.

DeLoach Vineyards has created "Barrel to Barrel," an interesting twist on wine-by-the-glass. They now sell barrels that hold ten liters of wine, currently their 2008 Pinot Noir. Though only 50 of these barrels were produced. A restaurant or other establishment can place the barrel atop their bar, to use to pour glasses of wine. It should appeal to consumers, making them feel like they are having a cellar experience, drinking wine straight from the barrel.

But looks can be deceiving. The wine is actually being held inside the barrel by a special "Eco Bag," which will minimize oxidation and keep the wine fresher for longer. The barrel can even be refilled by just inserting another bag of wine. This is the concept behind wine in a box, just made to look much nicer. This is environmentally friendly in a number of ways.

Vox Populi, an American bistro and martini bar in the Back Bay, bought two of these barrels and feature the Pinot Noir by the glass at $9.

Vox Populi Proprietor, Joseph Quattrocchi, said about the DeLoach partnership: “At Vox, we’re about bringing all kinds of experiences straight to the people. With DeLoach, we hope to transport the vineyard tasting experience straight to Boston in the form their cellar-to-glass model.

I think the barrel will be far more popular than boxed wines, as it gives the illusion of a wine cellar experience. Kudos for the wine being more ecofriendly.

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