Monday, October 19, 2009

Rant: Airline Food & Drink

Airlines have been cutting down on extras and raising prices on other items, such as luggage. Free meals, which used to be standard on many airlines for long flights, are basically nonexistent now. And as for wine selection, you can almost forget about it.

I recently flew on Delta to Las Vegas. I got my choice, for free, of peanuts, cookies or pretzels. All tiny packages. Surely not enough to satisfy someone on a 5+ hour flight. There were a few additional items that you could purchase, roughly for $5 or more, including a cheese plate. As for wine, the menu gave you a choice of "red or white." It didn't provide you the name of the producer, and I certainly did not want to take a chance on some cheap, unknown wine. Even when you order a soda, you only get a plastic cup, and not a whole can or bottle.

There are a few airlines that do much better. So why can't all of them do better?

Do you have your own complaints about airline food or drink? Or can you praise specific airlines?


frankthetank said...

I cannot say enough about the quality of food and beverage service on Cathay Pacific. I had tea smoked duck and enough Glenlivet to fill a bathtub on my last NYC to HK flight.

Kandukuri Kishore said...

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