Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Sips & Nibbles

Welcome to a new feature on my blog, Thursday Sips & Nibbles. This will be a semi-regular column where I briefly mention some interesting wine and food items that I have encountered recently. Generally, these items will be too brief for their own article, but they are worthy of mentioning. They might include updates on previous items and places I have reviewed or news about upcoming restaurants, wine stores, or related food/wine places.

1) Whenever I am dining near Boylston Street, it is very difficult to eat dessert at anywhere but La Patissier in Troquet. I have often raved about the exquisite creations of Pastry Chef Sarah Woodfine and every visit solidifies my feelings. I recently savored a new treat, the Plum & Ginger Napolean (pictured above), a towering treat that delighted my palate. There are sesame chips between the various layers which added a nice crunchy texture to the smooth and creamy fillings. Excellent presentation, delicious flavors and fresh fruit. I also got to taste the new Strawberry Souffle, and it was just as good as her other souffles, light and full of sweet flavor. If you have not eaten there yet, then what is wrong with you?

2) There is a new bakery in Melrose, the Busy Bee Bakery, located at One Hurd Street, across from the Wyoming Hill train station. Besides serving a variety of baked goods, they also serve both breakfast and lunch. I stopped by the other day and tried some of their cookies and cupcakes. I tasted their Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate cookies ($0.65 each). I have high standards for my Snickerdoodles and these actually did very well, a nice combination of crisp and soft, with a tasty cinnamon flavor. The other cookies also tasted very good, and seemed very fresh. The cupcakes did well too, and passed my moistness standard. Their icing was soft and creamy, and not too sweet. I see potential here and will return soon to check out more of their foods.

3) Melrose also has a new Thai restaurant, Spice Thai Kitchen, located at 454 Franklin Street. It is only take-out and delivery, and has quite a diverse menu, including some non-Thai items. I ordered some take-out the other day and it was pretty good. Not as good as Taste of Siam in Stoneham, but respectable food. I especially liked their Thai Ravioli and Siam Roti. I will be back to check out more of their dishes, especially some of the different ones such as Chiangmai Noodle and Thai Panang.

4) Continuing on the Melrose theme, Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet at 538 Main Street, is always adding new products so it is worth checking them out on a regular basis. They recently added Woodchuck Pear Cider which I have previously raved about. Plus, they have added a Local Wine section, showcasing wines made in New England. Currently they carry Turtle Creek and Black Dog, with more wines to come. It is always good to see wine stores supporting local wineries.

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