Monday, December 27, 2010

Rant: What's The Purpose?

My Monday Rants have been a very popular feature on my blog, and today is the last Rant of 2010.  Instead of the usual Rant though, I wanted to examine the purposes behind this feature, to explain the reasons for its existence and what I hope to accomplish with it.  This will help my readers better understand my Rants, and maybe make those Rants better in 2011.

First, I have strong opinions and there are plenty of issues which interest me, for which I have a position that I want to advocate.  Some of these issues may be of relatively minor importance, though which still spark my passion, and some issues may be of global importance.  Some of these issues will also be controversial, and that is usually intentional.  I can sometimes be provocative, though my aim is to get people to think, to question everything.  We must engage in critical thinking and not just blindly accept matters.  My intent is not to make personal attacks, but to stimulate discussion.   

Second, I want to encourage discussion, and I love a lively debate.  I don't want to just tell people about my opinions.  I want to hear from my readers, to know their thoughts on the issues I raise.  I do not claim to be correct in all of my opinions, and am willing to debate them with anyone.  Together, with a vibrant discussion, maybe we can get closer to the truth.  Maybe we can cut through the rhetoric and discern the facts at the center.  But that only works if my readers are willing to engage me, to contribute to the discussions. So please post comments on my Rants, let me hear your thoughts.

Third, I sometimes want to stimulate action, especially when the issue is of great importance.  Discussions are great, and can be very useful, but sometimes they should lead to action.  There are vital matters out there, such as sustainability, and we need to do something about them, before they lead to worse problems.  But we do need to think before acting, to ensure that we are engaging in the proper course of action. So, together, maybe we can work on solutions and help make this a better world.  

I know I am not the only person with strong opinions out there, and that others too have Rants within them.  Would you like to express your own Rant, to share your thoughts with others?  If so, maybe you could write a guest Rant for my blog.  If you want to pen a guest Rant, just contact me to discuss it.  It would be lots of fun to see what my friends and others Rant about, and I am sure my readers would benefit from it too.

Happy New Year!          

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AlpinePie said...

I'd like to rant about "local", "chain" restaurants that use one or two ingredients and sell themselves as "all natural and organic" and simply as better for the universe. Meanwhile the massive PFG food service trailer truck pulls up and unloads prepackages goods that have traveled who knows how far. Reminds me of what the big business like the meat or poultry farms that have an open door on an over packed chicken coop and a 12 x 12 space outside then call their birds free range so people will gobble them up and happily spend more money! What's worse is they do such a good job of pulling the wool over customers eyes that the customers actually believe they are supporting local businesses when they go! People need to ask more questions and not just look at the lipstick and rouge they paint all over their establishments.