Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sake Dinner at Uni

Looking for an intriguing sake-paired dinner? Then maybe you should make reservations on July 18 at Uni Sashimi Bar. Uni will present an evening with Sake Maker Kenji Ichishima of the Ichishima Sake Brewery in the Niigata region of Japan.  Sake expert Michael John Simkin, of MJS Saké Selections, works with Ichishima and you may have met him before at other local sake events. I have previously had the pleasure of tasting through the entire Ichishima portfolio, and they are top notch sakes. So this dinner should be quite compelling. 


First Course:
Gliddenpoint Oysters (prosecco, sour strawberry, chili)
Toro Sashimi (umeboshi, fresh grated wasabi)
Paired with Ichishima Tokubetsu Honjōzō

Second Course
Konbu Cured Bronzini (shiso ponzu, wolfberries, burdock, basil oil)
Suzuki Ceviche (sudachi lime, Sparrow Arc Farm beets, coconut green curry)
Paired with Ichishima Junmai Genshu

Third Course
Hiramasa (yellow chive vinaigrette, lily bulb, negi)
Steamed Abalone (wakame, cauliflower ceviche, aji amarillo)
Paired with Ichishima Junmai Daiginjō

Fourth Course
Lacquered Foir Gras (charred cipollini, onion kabayaki, pickled watermelon)
Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki (pine dashi, soba noodles, scallion)
Paired with Ichishima Ginjō Koshu

Fifth Course
Yamamomo Confetti (dry lime soda)
Paired with Ichishima Silk Deluxe Junmai

Cost is $150 per person. To make a reservation, call Uni at 617-536-7200. Maybe you will even see me there.

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