Monday, March 24, 2008

Women, Wine and the Internet

There are a significant number of women who have their own wine blogs, contribute to a wine blog or otherwise produce wine websites. In honor of March being Women's History Month and my own declaration of March being A Month of Women & Wine, I wanted to highlight a list of women involved in wine and the Internet. This is by no means a comprehensive list but does provide a good foundation to see all of the positive contributions of women to the online wine community.

I must first give kudos to Darby Higgs who had a page on Women Wine Writers on the Web and who later gave me that site. That site has a nice list that includes such big names as Andrea Immer and Jancis Robinson but it was not complete. I composed this supplemental list of female wine bloggers and writers and periodically update it.

  • Adrienne of Real. Good. Wine.
  • Alana of Girl With a Glass
  • Alice of Veritas in Vino
  • Alina of One Girl, One Glass, One World
  • Alissa of SAHMmelier
  • Allie of My Wine Words
  • Amy of Another Wine Blog
  • Amy of La Gramiere
  • Amy of Vinesleuth Uncorked
  • Amy of Winebookgirl
  • Anna of Anna Uncorked
  • Anne of Random Oenophile
  • Annette of Cima Collina
  • Barbara of WineBizNews
  • Becca of The Academic Wino
  • Bella of Wine & Good Food
  • Beverly of The Birmingham News
  • Catherine of Pursuing Pinot
  • Catie of Through the Walla Walla Grape Vine
  • Chantal, Huiqin, Judy and Yvonne of Grape Wall of China
  • Claudia of Chronic Negress
  • Courtney of Hip Tastes Blog
  • Cynthia of The Vintage Port Site
  • Cynthia of Wine, Woman, Travel
  • Dana at Wine Indulgence
  • Debbie of Hudson Valley Wine Goddess
  • Denise of Wine Sleuth
  • Diane of Wine Lover's Journal
  • Donna of Wisequeen & Wine Social Club
  • Dr. Debs of Good Wine Under $20
  • Eileen of Cellarette
  • Elaine of Vino Las Vegas LLC
  • Emily of Winemonger Talk
  • Evelyne of Wine Brands
  • Frances of Sonoma Country Life
  • Gabriella of Catavino
  • Grace of Cellarmistress' Cellar Talk
  • Grapefriend
  • Gwendolyn of Wine Predator
  • Ilona of The Terroiriste
  • Jackie of The Leather District Gourmet
  • Jayne of Champagne Jayne
  • Julia and Tracy of New York Cork Report 
  • Jill of Domaine547
  • Jo of Juicy Tales
  • Joanne of Fork & Bottle
  • Judith of Aroma Cucina
  • Katarina of SommeChick
  • Kathleen of Wine & Food Pairing Tips
  • Katie of Gonzo Gastronomy
  • Kay of A to Zinfandel's Blog
  • Kelly of Kelly Magyarics
  • Kim of Winey Women
  • Kori of Wine Peeps
  • Leah of Millennier
  • Leilani of Wine Deviant
  • Lily-Elaine of Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews
  • Lisa of Wine Matters
  • Lisa of VinoDuo
  • Liza and Xandria of BrixChicks
  • Lizzy of Vino Pigro
  • Lori of Just Add Wine
  • Lorie of Wining Ways
  • Lorrie of Lorrie's Wine & Food World
  • Madeline of Wine Folly
  • Marcia of Good Libations
  • Marcy of Come For The Wine
  • Margot of Write for Wine
  • Maria of Keep Wine Simple
  • Marie of The Life of Vines
  • Mary of Vindulge
  • Meg of Maker's Table
  • Melanie of Dallas Wine Chick
  • Melanie of Kiss My Glass Boston
  • Mimi of Mimi Goes London
  • Monique of Wine Oh TV
  • Nannette of Wine Harlots
  • Monica of My Fabulous World In Wine
  • Nancy of At First Glass
  • Pamela of Enobytes
  • Rebecca of Pour Favor
  • Robin of The Amateur Gastronomer
  • Robin of Vitis Poema
  • Ronellee of Sex And The Wines
  • Sarah of The Epicurean Scribe
  • Sarah of Italian Wine Blog-Wine90
  • Sharon of Sharon's Wine Blog
  • Sonadora of the Wannabe Wino
  • STL Wine Lush of Wine Lush
  • Tamara of Sip With Me
  • Tammy of Miss WineOH
  • Taylor of Taylor Eason
  • Thea of Luscious Lushes
  • Tracy of Its a Winderful Life
  • Veronique and Melissa of Vinously Speaking
  • Wendy at Sassysipnyc
  • Wilma of Wilma's Wine World
  • The Wine Witch
  • Wink of Wink's Wine & Travel World
  • Women & Wine

  • Check out any of these wine blogs/websites and I am sure you will like what you find. If you know of any other female wine blogs/wesbites that are not on this list, please add them to the comments and I will add them to the list.

    (Note: This list has been revised and expanded as of 6/12/13)


    Gabriella Opaz said...

    Here are a few others: Annette Hoff, Winemaker for Cima Collina and Amy Lillard of La Gramiere.

    Anonymous said...

    Good list. And I'm a female wine blogger too :-)

    Richard Auffrey said...

    Thanks Gabriella for the heads-up on those two blogs.

    Sorry Carol. I should not have forgotten your blog as it is also one of the ones I read regularly.

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for noticing the wine and food pairing tips!
    Kathleen Lisson

    Anonymous said...

    Great list Richard, and thanks for the mention!

    Cheers, Pamela

    Joe Roberts said...

    Man, I hope this isn't just a stunt to get some dates...

    Just kidding, great idea.

    Richard Auffrey said...

    Thanks Joe.

    Though I don't think my wife would be too keen on me dating.

    Anonymous said...

    Cheers to the link and mention...

    Laney pullthecorkout

    Anonymous said...

    Thanks so much for including me and Write for Wine. I really appreciate it!
    Write for Wine

    Anonymous said...

    Love the list, can't wait to check out some of these bloggers :) I write and blog about wine and travel at Thanks! Sheila.

    WineWonkette said...

    I joined my husband's wine blog last Fall, and now we share blogging duties! I see you have our blog in your blog list. But you can add me to the women bloggers list as well.

    Amy, aka WineWonkette,

    Jo Diaz said...

    Gratis, fellow Stoneham-ian... Jo Diaz

    Alana said...

    You're the best Richard. Mucho kisses and a Pisco Sour toast...I shared this on my FB page.

    Richard Auffrey said...

    Thanks Jo and Alana. Maybe I will update this list. Though it won't be easy. It was fun to compile in the first place, and it showed how many women have been writing about wine for years.

    Ilona said...

    I write about wine, food, and travel at


    Beau said...

    Did you add on there? I may have missed it. In any case, one of my favorite "new" bloggers. Fun to read, original, passionate, and she's nice as can be!

    Richard Auffrey said...

    Ok, I will be updating this list so if you know anyone else who should be here but isn't please msg me. And if you know any of these listed links that are no longer good, please tell me that as well.

    Dale Cruse said...

    My pal Leah Hennessy writes about marketing wine to Millennials at

    WineWonkette said...

    Also Melanie the Dallas Wine Chick.

    Liza said...

    Thanks so much for including us, Richard! We enjoy your posts, rants and sake adventures! :)
    Another amazing woman wine writer is Mary Cressler at

    Tammy Colson said...

    Great list, Richard. I'll be adding these to my reader.

    Though I have been posting sporadically, I do write at


    Richard Auffrey said...

    Thanks, all, updates have been made.

    Leilani Carrara said...

    Leilani Carrara, Wine Deviant:

    Cynthia said...

    Thanks for the great list, a few I had not yet come across. With all due modesty, may I draw your attention to the fact that I write the blog for Graham's Port Wine, as well as my own blog Wine, Woman, Travel.

    Champagne Jayne said...

    Gdday from Sydney Richard!
    Think you might like to add me to your list of wine women & the internet - I've been blogging at for 3 years now - Cheers to champagne!

    Richard Auffrey said...

    I have added the additional ladies.

    Wendy Crispell said...

    Hi Richard,

    I blog about wine, pairings, cheese and cocktails at



    SommeChick said...

    Great list--loved discovering some new blogs to add to my reading list! I'm a new wine blogging woman as well, and would be honored if you stopped by sometime :)

    Richard Auffrey said...

    Thanks ladies!

    Becca @ The Academic Wino said...

    Thank you for including me!

    Lily-Elaine Hawk Wakawaka said...

    Hey! Thanks a bunch for including me!

    Alissa said...

    My blog is Thanks! Alissa Leenher

    Chill out bars in Singapore said...

    There is a relation between woman and wine. You can read the post to know details

    Anonymous said...

    Just wanted to add my voice to the chorus of thank yous for creating, maintaining, and updating this list! Sincerely, Gwendolyn aka Wine Predator (est 2008).

    Monique Soltani said...

    Thank you so very much for including me and Wine Oh TV! Monique:)

    Pavlov said...

    Anonymous said...

    A Texas wine blogger is Robin English-Bircher at
    This is a great listing of bloggers!!

    Monique Soltani said...

    Thank you for including me on this list:)

    Francois said...

    Wow great list. I'm keeping track of everything I find here with my wine companion call Give it a try. keep up the good work. Francois

    Cynthia said...

    Hi Richard, thank you for your continued support of women in blogging. It occurred to me, you may want to add the blog that I write for Symington Family Estates at The Vintage Port Site. Cheers!

    Richard Auffrey said...

    Hi Cynthia:
    Thanks, and I have added you to the list. Who doesn't love Port?

    Jo Diaz said...

    How kind of you. Thanks, Richard.