Blog Schedule

I have several regular features on my blog, each tied to a specific day of the week. Though each feature might not get posted every week, they are still posted quite frequently.

Monday Rant:
Mondays often seem the most difficult day of the week and I hear more complaints from people about Monday than any other day of the week. I too sometimes dread Mondays, especially after a particularly fun and relaxing weekend. So, maybe Mondays are the best day for a rant.  There are issues about food, wine and spirits which sometimes irritate me, which irk me with their inanity. I get upset when sound bites are promoted over logic and analysis. Sometimes I get annoyed by rampant ignorance. Someone needs to step forward to speak out about those matters, to oppose these problems. And I am going to try to do just that, every Monday. Please join the discussion by commenting on my rants. .

Thursday Sips & Nibbles:
In this column, I briefly mention some interesting food & wine items that I have encountered recently. Generally, these items will be too brief for their own article, but are worthy of mentioning. They might include updates on previous items and places I have reviewed or news about upcoming restaurants, wine stores, and food/wine events.  Each edition will usually contain 3-5 items of interest.