Friday, December 17, 2010

Magazines Are Not Dead

News of the death of printed media is premature.  There are some, often bloggers, who claim that printed media will soon go the way of the dodo and mastadon.  The path of extinction.  I have been skeptical of such claims, seeing plenty of strength in the magazine industry.  So who is correct?

Newspapers have been taking a serious hit, especially with the competition of online news sites. Thus, many newspapers have established their own online sites, trying to stay competitive.  But magazines seem to be much less affected, though a number of them have migrated online as well.  And in the past year, there have actually been more new magazines launched than magazines which have folded.

MediaFinder stated that in 2010, there were 193 new magazines that launched while only 176 folded, which is a significant decrease from the 596 magazines that folded last year.  And in good news for food lovers, 28 of those new magazines were food-related, the highest number of any category.  Hopefully this trend will continue into 2011.  

What new food or wine magazines have you enjoyed this past year?


Welcome to Random Babblings & Stuff ! said...

I think as prices on things such as the iPad, th Kindle, or the Nook begin to drop we are going to see a shift from magazines in your mail box to magazines in your inbox. It would be more environmentally efficient, cost less money to produce, and cut down on production time for the companies. So I don't think magazines will die I just think they will become more digital and more interactive and easier to obtain oh and chepar.

Crystal King said...

Have you seen what they're doing now with magazines on devices like the iPad? Gourmet actually has the chance to breathe new life again because of technology--print wasn't feasible but they're realizing that iPad apps and mobile is the way to continue to reach their audiences.