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All About Seafood

"In the hands of an able cook, fish can become an inexhaustible source of perpetual delight."
---Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

By some estimates, by the year 2050, the global population might reach nearly 10 billion people, requiring the production of twice as much food as we currently consume. Assuring food security will require improvements in farming methods, new technologies and superior stewardship of finite natural resources. Seafood will play a vital role in a healthier future if wild fisheries can be managed well and best practices prevail in the aquaculture industry. Today, aquaculture provides roughly 50% of seafood, expected to rise to 67% by 2050. When consumers know the facts, we are convinced that they will embrace the ideas and spirit behind sustainable seafood and begin actively to search out producers of authentic, quality, responsible seafood products.

"Globalization may have made the world a smaller place, but it had also created voids and disconnects. Because of the enormous distances between the sources and users of some products, consumers knew very little about the implications of their choices."
--Hooked: Pirates, Poaching, and the Perfect Fish by G. Bruce Knecht

I've currently written over 125 seafood-related articles, indicative of my passion for seafood. For five consecutive years, I won awards for my coverage of the Seafood Expo North America and was also chosen as one of the Gulf Coast Seafood's Top 100 Seafood Bloggers. To help bring more visibility to my seafood coverage, I've compiled all of the links to my seafood posts into this single article. This post will be a repository of those articles and I will update it when I write a new article about seafood. Over time, I will also spend more time organizing these posts into various topics.

How To Cook Seafood 
SENA14: How To Cook Seafood
SENA15: How To Cook Seafood
How To Cook Seafood, Vol.1
How To Cook Seafood, Vol.2
How To Cook Seafood, Vol.3
Louisiana Seafood & Chef Michael Brewer
Nova Scotia Seafood Chowder Recipe

Some Of My Seafood-Related Rants
Rant: Seafood Ain't Cheap, Suck It Up
Rant: Would You Fish For Dinner...At A Restaurant?
Rant: Eat More Seafood, Your Heart Will Thank You
Rant: Be More Seafood Adventurous
Rant: Another Reminder, Eat More Seafood
Rant: Keep Eating More Seafood
Rant: Seafood Fraud & Imitation Crab
Rant: Wake Up Japan, Bluefin Are In Danger
Rant: Stop Worrying, Seafood Is Safe
Rant: Seafood Sustainability Not As Important Now?
Rant: Cook More Seafood, Especially Local
Rant: Should We Take Fish Lessons From Maine?
Rant: Bluefin Tuna Stocks Recovering?
Rant: Eat More Seafood, Especially Local
Rant: Can Bordeaux Save The Sharks?
Rant: Stop Eating Cod, Tuna & Salmon
Rant: Flipper, Fear Northeast Fishermen
Rant: Another Blacklisted Seafood Dinner in Boston?
Rant: A Response To "Another Blacklisted Seafood Dinner in Boston?"
Rant: Too Critical Of Sustainability Proponents?
Rant: Berkowitz Blacklisted Dinner--One Year Later
Rant: Who Can You Trust? The Cod Edition

To Feed The World, We Need More Aquaculture
Updated News on Seafood Consumption, Landings & Aquaculture
Americans, Don't Ignore Farmed Seaweed
SENA15: Aquaculture Stewardship Council Update 
SENA14: Is Aquaculture Sustainable?
SENA14: Updates From The Aquaculture Stewardship Council
SENA14: Baja Seas: A New Yellowtail Aquaculture Project
U.S. Aquaculture Advocacy
Aquaculture & Cobia
Verlasso Farmed Salmon
Verlasso Salmon: A Seafood Watch "Good Alternative"
SENA14: Verlasso Salmon: An Update
Verlasso Salmon: An Update
New MA Seafood Program: But What About Farmed Shellfish?

Wine & Seafood
2012 Bodegas Martín Códax Albariño: A Seafood Companion
Starting The New Year With Cremant d'Alsace & Lobster
Sake, Seafood & Lobster Anywhere
Wine & Seafood

Seafood & Health
Seafood: Fighting The Mercury Myth
Seafood Fear Mongering: The Mercury Myth
SENA15: Seafood Nutrition Partnership & Eating Heart Healthy
The Healthiest Food You Can Eat?

Specific Seafoods
Cannonball Jellyfish: Eat Up Americans
The Endangered Vaquita: A Cautionary Tale
Maine Lobsters: Endangered?
SENA17: Sea Urchin Master Class
SENA15: Master Class--Canada’s Organic Blue Mussels 
Eating More Mussels
Want Cheap, Tasty, Healthy & Sustainable Seafood? Choose Mussels
SENA15: Maine Dayboat Scallops & Merroir
SENA15: Paiche, the "Cod Of The Amazon"
SENA14: Sustainable Caviar In Florida
SENA14: Maine Lobster from Trap to Table
SENA14: Estuario del Plata Caviar
SENA14: Chilean Sea Bass--Back From The Brink
Norweigan Skrei: Sustainable & Tasty Cod
Maine Scallops: Restrictions to Rebounding

Fish Fun
SENA17: Fish Fun & Photos
SENA15: Fish Fun & Photos
SENA14: Fish Fun & Photos
An Interview With Monty

More Seafood Posts
Seafood Mislabeling: How Prevalent?
Seafood Sustainability & Social Issues
The Origins of Ceviche, Tempura and Fish & Chips
The Largest Marine Reserve in the World
Boring Americas: The Seafood Edition
Lucky Peach: The Seashore Issue
Consumers & Seafood Certification
The 3 Rules Of Eating Seafood
Pirate Fishermen: No Peglegs Nor Parrots
Miya's Sushi & Chef Bun Lai: Like A Haiku
Rant: Seafood Sustainability Not As Important Now?
Red's Best Seafood: Local, Traceable & Flexible
SeaShare: Seafood For Hungry Americans
International Boston Seafood Show: Japanese Pavilion
Perceptions of Seafood Sustainability
Eat More U.S. Seafood: The Gulf Coast
How A Restaurant Becomes Sustainable
State of Fisheries Address
Consumers Purchasing Sustainable Seafood
Status & Safety of Japanese Seafood
Buy American Seafood: Four Excellent Choices
Seafood Prices & Fate of Local Fishermen
Roger Berkowitz and OAWRS
Roger Berkowitz & Vietnam Shrimp Farms
Berkowitz & Legal Sea Food: A Matter Of Trust
Fish Restaurant: Calamari, Sword Fish Chop & Bacon Beignets
Bonefish Grill: A New Seafood Restaurant in Burlington

SENA18: The Seafood Expo (Part 3)
SENA18: The Seafood Expo (Part 2)
SENA18: The Seafood Expo (Part 1)
SENA 17: Chefs & The Business of Seafood
SENA17: "We Don't Know How To Talk About Seafood"
SENA17: Seafood of Interest
SENA15: Rant--Seafood Expo For The Public
SENA15: Sunburst Trout Farms Jerky & Caviar 
SENA15: The Changing Landscape of Sustainable Seafood 
SENA15: Inupiat, Kotzebue & Sheefish
SENA15: Marine Stewardship Council Update

SENA15: Twelve Things You Should Know
SENA15: 2 Billion People Are Coming To Dinner, Let's Feed Them Fish!
SENA15: Blue North and Humane Harvest Initiative
SENA15: Ocean Executive & Seafood Trading Platform
SENA15: Food of Interest
SENA15: Rant--Understanding the Seafood Retail Consumer
SENA15: Saucy Fish--Sustainable, Easy To Cook & Inexpensive
SENA15: Combating IUU Fishing & Seafood Fraud
SENA15: The Evolution Of Seafood Sustainability
SENA15: Final Ponderings
Seafood Expo North America: Why You Should Go
SENA14: How Can we Increase Seafood Consumption in the US?
SENA14: Chefs For Seals
SENA14: FSMA & Imported Seafood
SENA14: Eleven Things You Need To Know
SENA14: Food of Interest
SENA14: The Seven Keys of Sustainability
SENA14: Pathways to Sustainability & Global Salmon Initiative
SENA14: Brief Items Of Interest
SENA14: Final Ponderings

The sea can bind us to her many moods, whispering to us by the subtle token of a shadow or a gleam upon the waves, and hinting in these ways of her mournfulness or rejoicing. Always she is remembering old things, and these memories, though we may not grasp them, are imparted to us, so that we share her gaiety or remorse.”
--H.P. Lovecraft

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