Monday, April 4, 2022

All About My Historical Food & Drink Articles

I've always been fascinated by history, delving into the past and learning about the origins of so many matters. Our historical origins can tell us much about the present, and sometimes even the future. As such, I've written numerous articles on my blog delving into the history and origins of a myriad of foods and drinks. Since the beginning of the pandemic, as restaurants closed and large-scale tasting events were canceled, I've been writing even more of these types of articles. 

These articles require much more time and effort, perusing through thousands of old newspapers and books, using a variety of research tools. However, all that work can be rewarding and satisfying when you uncover startlingly information that had laid hidden for many years. And you might be contributing to our increased knowledge of some food or drink topic. 

For example, I was once informed that the earliest known document referencing Pechuga Mezcal was from the 1950s. Through my own research though, I was able to uncover numerous older printed references, extending back to 1863. This was an amazing discovery, furthering our knowledge of this niche beverage. 

To help bring more visibility to all of my historical posts, and to make it easier to find these articles, I've compiled all of the links into this single post. It will be a repository for all of these articles, and I'll update it when I write a new historical article. This should be helpful to my readers who want to delve deeper into the fascinating historical stories and origin tales that I've uncovered. 

With my original research, I've written some extensive articles, sometimes breaking new ground and unearthing new information. I've shattered a number of origin stories, the commonly accepted tales, proving that these origin tales weren't true. In some respects, these articles can be considered works in progress, as I try to update them whenever I engage in new research.

I'm working on other historical topics for future articles. I hope you enjoy and would love to hear feedback. 

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My numerous articles on Boston's Chinatown and Chinese Cuisines have their own Compilation Page. You'll find links there to my Nine-Part series on the History of Boston's Chinatown, as well as a multi-part series on the History of Chinese Restaurants Outside Boston and in Connecticut. There's also articles on the Origin Tales of various items, from the Pu-Pu Platter to the Eggroll. There's enough information in all of these articles to fill an entire book (which I hope to do one day).

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