Monday, March 23, 2015

SENA15: Saucy Fish--Sustainable, Easy To Cook & Inexpensive

How do we get more consumers to eat seafood? Consumers are confused about sustainability, believe seafood is too expensive and complain that they don't know how to properly prepare it. At the Seafood Expo North America (SENA), I spoke to a seafood company that is attempting to cover all three of these matters, and I think their approach may be effective in countering consumer objections, getting them to eat more seafood.

The Saucy Fish Co., which was established approximately five years ago in the United Kingdom, sells packaged seafood which is inexpensive and possesses simple instructions on how to prepare it. Their basic product contains 2 portions of fish and a sauce, and costs about $7-$9, making for an easy and cheap dinner for two. They also sell Singles (fish & sauce), for one person, Foil Bake Bags (so you don't have to touch the seafood during cooking),  Ready To Enjoy (which needs no cooking and can be added atop salads or rice), and Fish Cakes (with a sauce in the center of the cake).

About one year ago, they started selling their products in the U.S., mostly on the East Coast, and they are available locally at Hannaford Supermarkets. Currently, the products available in the U.S. are the most popular products from the UK, and hopefully in time, even more of those seafood products will come to the U.S. Their best selling product is the Chile, Lemon and Ginger Salmon. I was contacted by Saucy Fish prior to the Seafood Expo and received some media samples of their products.

I like the fact that all of the seafood that Saucy Fish sells is sustainable, certified by the Marine Stewardship Council or Global Gap. The fish is sourced from all over the world such as cod from the North Atlantic and Salmon from Norway and Scotland. All of the seafood is also packaged in the UK. Saucy Fish is truly dedicated to sustainability and even are founding members of the Sustainable Seafood Coalition (SSC) "which brings together retailers and brands to agree common responsible fish buying and labeling approach." Started in May 2011, the SSC now represents over 50% of the retailers and seafood businesses in the UK, with an ultimate goal that all seafood sold in the UK become sustainable. The more I look into the SSC, the more admiration I find for their goals and activities.

My favorite product was the Sweet Soy and Chili Dressing with Salmon Fillet, which was not only easy to prepare but was delicious.

This is the finished product, atop some couscous, and the sauce was intense and flavorful, with a spicy kick. The salmon was tender and moist, and one portion was a fine size for one person.

With Saucy Fish, a consumer can know that all of their seafood is sustainable so there is no real confusion. The seafood is inexpensive so cost is not a factor. Two people can eat dinner for about $7-$9, which should be an affordable option for most anyone. Finally, the products provide full and simple cooking directions, and the fish already comes with a sauce so prep time is minimal. Anyone could prepare this seafood so no worries about complicated cooking.

I recommend all consumers check out the Saucy Fish products, and add more seafood to your lives.

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