Monday, February 22, 2010

Beacon Hill Bistro: Mangalitsa Menu

As heritage pig breeds become all the rave in foodie culture, one of the top heritage breeds may be the Mangalitsa. The Mangalitsa (MON-go-leet-sa) lard-type pig breed was created in 1833 by the Hungarian Royal Archduke Jozsef. As the popular pig gave way over time to leaner and lesser tasting heritage breeds, the popularity of the breed was lost to piggy history.

Now with farmers, breeders and chefs impressed by the high-quality, and much more expensive meat, the breed is making a slow and steady comeback. With restaurants such as The French Laundry, The Herbfarm and The Spotted Pig spotlighting the breed, public knowledge has spiked and the Mangalitsa is on its way to regaining its rightful place in piggy culture.

Now Chef Jason Bond of the Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro is hosting a special Mangalitsa dinner. Bond will hold a very special “Black and Tan Dinner” (named after the two, organuc pasture-raised Mangalista pigs he brought to New England). The six-course menu will be held on Wednesday, March 3, with two seatings (6pm and 8:30pm) and costs $65 per person with an optional wine pairing for an additional cost.

I'm very proud to be the guy who brought this breed to New England and gave Boston its first taste of these fabulous pigs which we raised on a rotating organic pasture,” said Bond.

Known for its high quality fat, Mangalitsa meat is more heavily marbled, delivers a more pronounced and flavorful meat, and is hailed as some of the world’s best tasting pork. While a lard-type breed, the Mangalitsa fat is more unsaturated than normal pig fat. I have previously eaten Mangalitsa at the Beacon Hill Bistro and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Join Chef Bond for this very special event. Reservations are highly recommended and can be made by calling 617-723-7575.


GRIVES, BREAD and Whipped Lard

* * *


* * *

SALUMI AND ANTIPASTI: Lonza, Olive Oil and Knotweed, Lardo, Panella, and Local Honey,
Guanciale and Roasted Agen Prune, Hure du Porc Noir

* * *

CREPINETTE IN ROASTED GINGER BROTH, with Garlic Chives, Sesame, and Spring Burdock

* * *

RED COOKED SIDE OF PORK WRAPPED IN ROMAIN with Black Garlic, Pickled Quail Egg, Tatsoi and Red Shiso Kim Chi

* * *

JAMBON AU FOIN – Clover, Timothy, and Sudan Grass, Arrowhead Cabbage Choucroute, Boudin Blanc, and Confit Belly

* * *

ICES FROM OUR FORAGING EXPEDITIONS – Spice Bush, Black Walnut, Russian Olive, Sassafras, Black Birch

* * *

SWEET PORK, Sanguinaccio et Chiacchiere, Pizza di Sangue et Citron, Crackling Marshmallows with Angelica, Green Tea Macaroons with Sweet Lard

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