Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 In Review: A Collection of Lists

At the end of each year, I compile numerous lists of my Favorites: the top wines, restaurants, foods, sake, spirits, and more of the year.  These summary posts help my readers more easily find my favorites of the past year, rather than seeking through hundreds of posts on their own.  The lists do not necessarily address the "Best" of anything, as I have not partaken of everything so cannot pass such judgments.  But, the lists contain items I highly recommend, and which I believe will strongly appeal to my readers.  Kudos go to all of those who are listed in my Favorites, as they have earned the accolades.

I hope you enjoy.

2010: Top Ten Wines Under $15
2010: Top Ten Wines Over $15
2010: Top Wines Over $50
2010 In Review: General Summary
2010: Favorite Restaurants
2010: Favorite Food-Related Items
2010: Favorite Wine & Spirit-Related Items
2010: Favorite Sake Items

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