Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cocktails For Carnivores At The Gallows

The strident protests of PETA might soon be heard on Washington Street, outside The Gallows.  Yet they will not be complaining about the food served at the restaurant. Rather they might be complaining about a cocktail, the evocatively named Abbatoir (which is a slaughterhouse).

My preference is for savory cocktails, especially if I will be having more than one drink.  I don't mind a drink with a little sweetness, but the overly sweet cocktails don't appeal to me much. I prefer something more refreshing, and don't need a sugary overload. Fortunately, the craft cocktail movement has led to the creation of numerous savory cocktails, though they are still outnumbered by sweet drinks.

Last evening, I attended the Boston Food Bloggers Launch Party at The Gallows, which has a list of some innovative concoctions.  What immediately caught my eye was their Abbatoir, which is composed of Batavia Arrack, Lillet, Tawny Port, Veal Stock, and Caramelized Onions. Batavia Arrack, made in Indonesia, is similar to rum, being made with sugar cane and fermented red rice.  It was used in cocktails as far back as at least 1862, but eventually fell out of favor until its recent resurgence.

But veal stock???  This is the first time I have ever seen it used as an ingredient in a cocktail, and my inner carnivore was drawn to it. You could also call this the Anti-PETA cocktail, knowing their usual stance on veal.  The onions are in the stock, essentially pureed so you won't find onion slices or chunks in your drink. Some of my friends were hesitant about this cocktail, the idea of veal stock not really appealing to them. But I was extremely curious, and ordered one.

I was very pleased with its savory taste, shades of umami, and the whole of the cocktail worked well. The ingredients blended harmoniously together, and it possessed a unique taste, though I strongly doubt you would have realized it contained veal stock. It was not a thick drink either, not like a heavy gravy.  I enjoyed it so much that I ordered a second one, and that was as delicious as the first. I think this drink is food friendly, and would pair well with any meaty dish.

As I have said repeatedly, expand your palate and try something new. Stop by The Gallows and try some of their unique cocktails, including the Abbatoir.


Frederick Wright said...

Wow!! Gallows has always been one of my favorite places, alongside Myers & Chang and Grotto as among the absolute best Boston has to offer.

But my sole complaint has been their cocktails are often too sweet and syrupy. This veal stock abbatoir sounds like what i've been looking for!

Justin said...

Wow, veal stock!? I saw the very ornate glass you were drinking out of and almost asked what you had ordered. Now I wish I did, because I don't think I could have resisted ordering one for myself. It was good to see you again.

Seth Resler said...

Good to see you last night!

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

"Anti-PETA" cocktail - love it. Great to see you yesterday!

Jason Phelps said...

I am going to say that I'll try anything once, but I suspect this would be a repeat for me too!


Richard Auffrey said...

Glad to see others are open and interested in trying this drink. I would love to see similar such cocktails at other places too.