Monday, May 13, 2013

Rant: If You Truly Loved Your Mom, Would You Buy Her White Zin?

Yesterday was Mother's Day, a time to honor our mothers, to show the love we possess for them. I love my mother, and she is worthy of much honor for her love, devotion, and sacrifice in raising me. However, she will say that she doesn't need any specific day to be honored, that she feels my love every day. Many mothers probably feel that very same way about their children, yet we children still enjoy celebrating this holiday.

I actually worked at the Beacon Hill Wine & Gourmet store on Mother's Day and it was fairly busy with people buying wine for their mothers. I sold more White Zinfandel today than any other day I can ever recall. One of the customers seemed almost guilty buying it, telling me that it was for his mother. That made me ponder the matter, raising a question in my mind.

If you truly love your mother, would you really buy her an inexpensive wine like a White Zinfandel?  

Some might think the answer is easy, that their mother deserves much better than White Zinfandel. Some might think she deserves a high-end Cabernet Sauvignon, a fine Bordeaux or a vintage Port. In some respects, they are correct. Your mom is certainly worthy of a pricey, high end wine. My own mom is certainly worthy of any wine I know. However, that doesn't mean you should buy your mother such a wine.

In fact, sometimes a White Zinfandel is the best wine you can buy for your mom.

For Mother's Day, I believe that you should give your mother the things she loves. No matter what they might be. I don't believe it is the day to test your mom, to give her mother something she might or might not enjoy. You want the day to be as perfect as possible for your mother, so you should cater to her desires. If she loves White Zinfandel, then the best wine you can give her for Mother's Day is White Zinfandel. You shouldn't feel guilty or cheap. You shouldn't feel like a bad child.

Even if you are a wine lover, conversant with wines from all over the world, having tasted wines made from hundreds of different grapes, don't shy away from buying White Zinfandel if that is what your mother loves. Maybe your mom has never had a Provence Rose or a Gruner Veltliner, and might enjoy them if she did. Then again, maybe she won't. Don't try to change your mother's palate on Mother's Day. Give her what you know she already loves, even if it is White Zinfandel.

Yes, Love for your mother can be expressed through White Zinfandel.  


Frederick Wright said...

I probably wouldn't buy a White Zinfandel for my mother, or for my mother-in-law, because I know ( from reading your blog reverentially) there are some excellent, accessible, and low-priced alternatives. I have yet to taste a white zin that wasn't nasty, sugary, and cloying. And I have too much respect these ladies' taste buds to assault with that dreck. I view every white zin enthusiast as an opportunity to evangelize. Their first taste of a real wine, with complexity and nuance, is a revelation.

winehiker said...

It's likely I'd present my mom with a bottle, saying "Happy Mother's Day, Mom - here's a bottle of that white zin you love." And then I'd hand her a second bottle, lovingly selected by me, and say "And here's something I believe you'll also enjoy."

Alycia said...

This is cool!