Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Burtons Grill:

Burton’s Grill of North Andover is offering a big reason why summer is our favorite season; The Lobster Lovers, Fresh Lobster Roll!

What do we think about when we hear the word, Lobster? Right off the bat, we think of the tail. That white, juicy, succulent meat in the tail leaves diner’s wishing to order more; it’s no wonder why it’s the best part! Not only is the tail the best part of your lobster dining experience, but the claw and knuckles aren’t so bad either! Now, Chef Denise Baron of Burton’s Grill, is offering these three favorite parts chopped up and mixed with mayonnaise on a Brioche Roll and served with Rosemary Potato Chips!

Want to know the secret to Chef Denise’s Masterpiece? Well now you can!

Lobster Roll
5oz Fresh Lobster Meat: Claw, Knuckles, Tail (chopped ¾” x 1”)
1tbsp Seasoned Mayonnaise
1ea Brioche Roll: Griddled
1Leaf Romaine Lettuce
20ea Rosemary Potato Chips

In a small bowl, mix the lobster meat with the seasoned mayonnaise. Once mixed, place the one leaf of Romaine Lettuce on the bottom half of the Griddled, Brioche Roll. Top the leaf with a mound of the lobster and mayonnaise. To finish, place the lobster roll on the left side of the 12” dinner plate, leaving space on the right for the chips; slightly behind the roll.

This 5 Ounce Roll from under the sea is available at Burtons Grill for $21.95 starting Monday, June 29th. The lobster roll will be available Monday – Thursday 11:30am-10pm, Friday and Saturday at 11:30am-11pm, and Sunday from 11:30am-9pm.

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