Friday, July 10, 2009

Erbaluce: Che Vino?

Have you eaten at Erbaluce yet?

I previously raved about Erbaluce and have been trying to plan my next visit there. Well, I think I have found the perfect date, August 5, as they are having a special wine dinner that date.

Chef Draghi states: "We're going to take a little Italian wine journey that will leave even the most die-hard enophile perplexed, searching for answers, and asking for another glass! We'll be featuring wines from familiar varietals in very unfamiliar guises (a white wine made from lambrusco, and a white wine made from nebbiolo!!), and some varietals that are never heard of outside their regions in Italy (like casetta, ruche, and schioppettino). All are World-class wines, all are delicious, and all will leave your best wine snob friend jealous that you've had a wine he/she has never even heard of!! So, join us for a truly unique exploration of five of the rarest and most fantastic wines that Italy tries to hide for itself (paired, of course, with five courses of our equally unique regional Italian cuisine)."

How can a wine lover resist such an opportunity to taste those unusual wines? Plus, I am sure the food will be excellent too. I also bet this wine dinner fills up quickly, so I advise making your reservations quickly.

The wine dinner will be held on Wednesday, August 5, at 7pm. It will cost $70 per person for Food and Wine.

69 Church Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-426-6969

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