Monday, July 27, 2009

Rant: A Frozen Pat?

Atop bread, muffins, bagels, pancakes and much more, I generally prefer just to use butter. I don't need jellys and jams, syrups or cream cheese. When I go to a restaurant and they give me butter, it is a moment filled with a bit of dread. Why would that be the case? The answer is the frozen pat.

Sometimes the butter, taken directly out of the refrigerator, is nearly frozen, almost rock hard. You can't easily spread it on your bread or muffin. If you try, you'll tear up the bread-item. Instead, you have to hope your bread-item is hot enough to melt the butter, which might take awhile. And if it is not hot enough, then there is little you can do. You can try to slice the butter real thin so it is more easily spread. But that takes time. It aggravates me and it is unnecessary.

Why can't all restaurants find a way to keep their butter cool but not rock hard? Do they even realize this is an issue? Does this bother you?

(Yes, this is a relatively minor issue but I promise next Monday's rant will deal with a far more serious and significant issue.)


Dale Cruse said...

It bothers me. Butter temperature is, in my opinion, a small thing that separates restaurants who just don't care from the ones that do.

adele said...

Oh, there are restaurants that do care about their butter pats - temperature and size. One of my tasks as a stagiaire was to cut blocks of butter into neat little pats, and I would get scolded if they weren't even. :P

Richard Auffrey said...

Glad to hear I am not alone in my frozen butter dislike.

Now we need more stagiares around to make sure our butter is just right. :)