Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saké Sunday: Bone Saké & Portland, Maine

Two brief items for this edition of Saké Sunday:

Katsu-zake (which roughly translates as "Bone Saké") is a special preparation for hot Saké. The grilled bones and/or fins of fish are added to hot Saké to give it some additional flavor. Sometimes, hot Saké may be poured over an entire entire grilled fish. I have had Saké before with the fin of a fugu though I was not particularly crazy about the taste. But maybe different types of fish may impart different flavors that might please me more.

Who would have thought Saké was so popular in Portland, Maine? I spent Saturday walking around Portland and stopped in several stores that sold wine. To my surprise, a significant number of the stores carried Saké, and not just the cheap, common brands. They certainly carried more Saké than many of our local wine stores. I bought several different Sakés, including a couple I have never tasted before. I was so excited to see all of the Saké and I encourage all Saké lovers to check out Portland.

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