Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dosa Factory & A Spice Tour

Though still relatively new, having only been open for about three months, the Dosa Factory in
Central Square, Cambridge, is doing very well. And it is in the most unlikely of spots, a tiny space (250 sq. ft.) in the rear of Shalimar Grocery, an Indian market.

Dosas ($8-$11) are the main attraction: rice flour crepes that cook in seconds, are rolled into a forearm-sized cigar, and stuffed with one of 14 fillings from the simple (spinach and cheese) to the sublime (shredded Pekin duck with kimchee). Order at the counter, and two minutes later a crisp dosa is plopped onto a tray, along with curried lentils and chutney. Seating is cafeteria style.

But they have lots more food available as well. They actually have quite a large menu of Indian foods, including delicous breads! Everyting is reasonably priced, and amply sized.

One of the best introduction to the dosa is to sign up for Shalimar Grocery’s Spice Tour, held on Saturdays. Starting at 11:00 AM, the culinarily curious are led up and down the aisles of the grocery by a chef, who describes the flavors and uses of various fruits, sauces, spices and herbs to the uninitiated. The tour ends with a dosa luncheon. Cost for the one-hour tour and lunch combined is only $20.

A second Dosa Factory is coming to downtown Waltham in the spring, with an eye-popping design by Studio Luz of Boston.

Dosa Factory
571 Massachusetts Avenue,
Central Square, Cambridge, MA 02139

For the Saturday Spice Tour, dial 617-868-DOSA

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