Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year,  or Akemashite Omedeto as they say in Japan, to all.  As 2011 begins, I wish only the best for my family, friends, and readers.  I hope that the new year is better than the previous one. 

Like 2009, 2010 was a challenging year for many of us, especially economically, and we can hope for 2011 to bring better economic news and good fortune to all. No matter what happens though, we shall find a way to make 2011 a great year.  Maintain a positive attitude, no matter what happens, and we can get through anything. 

For The Passionate Foodie, I have plenty of ideas and plans: places to visit, issues to examine, wines to drink, food to eat, books to read, and much, much more.  For example, I need to check out some new local wine stores, including the Reserve Bin and the Vin Bin, and revisit others, such as Wine Nation.  I need to dine at some new restaurants, such as Bergamot, Journeyman and Umami.  I am looking forward to the opening this spring of a new restaurant, Enzo, in Newburyport, which is owned and operated by my friends Mary and Dave.  I'll be taking trips to places including Niagara for TasteCamp and Virginia for the Wine Blogger's Conference. While at Niagara this May, I will take some time to visit Toronto, hoping that a new sake brewery in the city is open by then.  I also finally want to get up to the Yak farm in Vermont. 

These are but samples of some of what I have planned for the coming year, and I hope to do much more.  If you have any suggestions for me, please leave them in the comments or email me.  I am always looking for new and interesting food, wine, sake, and spirits places to check out.

Thanks so much to all of my readers during the past year, and best wishes to you for the coming year.  I hope you will continue to read my blog in 2011, and please send me your feedback and criticism so I can make Passionate Foodie even better.

Dine and drink with passion all year round!

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Sunday Cook said...

We're looking forward to hosting you! Happy new year!