Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Sake Interview in the Boston Globe

Today, if you pick up a copy of the Boston Globe newspaper, you'll find an interview with me about Sake. The article, He’d like to help you chill out, is part of their G Force series, and you will find it in the main insert. I am obviously pleased to see myself in the newspaper, but it goes beyond that.

It is an indication that Sake is getting more popular, that it is deserving of significant recognition.  Though Sake imports to the U.S. have been increasing each year, it still has a long way to go for more mainstream acceptance. So, articles like this help that acceptance, assisting in demystifying this wonderful drink. I hope that those reading the interview get intrigued about sake, and decide to give it a try. With its wide diversity of flavor profiles, nearly anyone will be able to find a sake they will enjoy.

FYI: The sake bottle in my photo is the Ichishima Junmai Genshu.

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Nick Martinelle said...

Hope you let people know they can get it at our store?

BTW, I've got Lloyd Foster from Classic doing a Sake tasting in our store on February 26th.