Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sake News

1) Akane Niikura, a 10-year old-girl, is Japan's youngest sake expert, having passed a test held by the Sake Service Institute. Even though she is too young to drink sake, she was able to pass the test solely through her sense of smell. It probably helps that her mother is also a sake expert, running a sake bar.    Akane specializes in recommending sake for food pairings.   Check out the news video about her.

2) Pizza and sake?  It might sound strange to you but the two can pair very well together, and I can show you the possibilities. Join me at my upcoming "Sake 101: Pizza & Sake" class at the Boston Wine School on Wednesday, July 27, at 6:30pm. This will be a fun introduction to the realm of sake, covering diverse topics such as sake history, the brewing process, sake types, rituals & customs, terminology and much more. No prior knowledge of sake is required to take this class. We will taste through a number of sakes, as well as see how it pairs with a variety of different pizzas. Open up your mind and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to safely navigate a restaurant's sake menu or a wine store's sake selection. There is limited seating available so please sign up soon so you don't miss out.

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