Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

Today, many of us will gather together with family and friends, enjoying food and drink, conversing, watching television, and savoring the good things in our lives. It is also a time for reflection, to think not about what we do not possess, but to be thankful for all that we do. For no matter what our troubles or adversities might be, I am sure there is also much to bring us joy.

Financially, I am sure many of us still have it tough, as unemployment remains quite high, health insurance costs continue to rise, food prices have been soaring, and we all have been cutting back. Others may have sustained serious illness or tragedies this past year. Many of us may desire change, that our lives would be better than they are now. However, if we objectively view our situations, we will find that we have it much better than many other people. By looking deeper at our situations, we will quickly discover the many good things we possess in our lives, such as supportive loved ones.

Our focus today, and actually what it should be every day, should be on the positive aspects of our lives. Savoring the positive in our lives can brighten the darker parts of our lives, and place everything in perspective. Complaining and criticizing often accomplish little and instead we should concentrate on solutions. We can make our lives better if we truly desire to do so. It may take time and effort, but we can accomplish much with a positive mindset. 

Despite the divisiveness and hate showed during the recent Presidential campaign season, we still live in a great country and for that I am thankful. It still is a land of opportunity for so many. It definitely is not perfect, but I would not want to live anywhere else. I am also very thankful for many other things in my life, including family, friends, health, and much more. It would take too long to list every single thing here, but I will take the time to reflect upon them today.

I fervently hope that everyone else does the same, rather than dwelling on the negative. Share your positive feelings with your family and friends. Tell them that you love them, thank them for being in your life. It may be corny, but a hug and kind words can mean so very much.

I am going to enjoy plenty of tasty food and drink today, but I will remember that today is about more than the feasting. It is primarily a time for thanks, for all the good that is in our lives, and for being with the people we care about.

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