Friday, August 23, 2013

Red Arrow Diner: Quick Review

Yesterday, after a shopping visit to the Merrimack Premium Outlets in New Hampshire, I needed to find a place for a good lunch. Fortunately, earlier in the week, I received a recommendation from Marc of Boston's Hidden Restaurants to check out the Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, just north of the outlets. It turned out to be a fine recommendation and I must second his recommendation to anyone who finds themselves near Manchester.

The diner originally opened its doors in October 1922, over 90 years ago, and has undergone some changes in ownership over this time. Around 1987, the diner was purchased by Carol Sheehan, who is still the current owner, and there is also a second location in Milford, which opened in October 2008. The diner is open 24/7 and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all the time. So whenever you get a craving for Belgian waffles or a piece of meatloaf, you can find it here. We could use more 24/7 diners in Boston and the suburbs.

The menu is extensive, with plenty of the usual diner fare as well as some of their own unique specialties like homemade pork pie. Nearly everything on the breakfast and lunch menus, and most items on the dinner menu, are under $10. On the dinner menu, the items basically top out at $12.99. This is a very affordable menu, with plenty of diversity. There are also a number of specials each day, giving you even more choices.

Most of the seating are stools at the counter, with a handful of booths in one corner. There is certainly a diner-ambiance going on. From your seat, you might be able to see their desserts in a refrigerated cooler, such as cream pies and whoopie pies. Service is friendly and good.

I decided on the Monte-Christo Sandwich ($8.99), ham, turkey and Swiss on French toast, which comes with your choice of a side and I opted for the homemade potato chips. The sandwich pleased me, with plenty of pieces of fresh turkey in it, and a nice, eggy bread. One of the better Monte Cristo sandwiches I have enjoyed. And the chips were delicious, though could have used a bit more salt, which is still better than being over salted. All I needed to do was a quick shake of salt over them. They were crisp, slightly warm and had a clean flavor to them.

The other dishes I saw looked good and my dining companions enjoyed their food as well, including the Biscuits Benedict special. And afterwards, I had to try a Dinah Finger ($1.59), essentially their own version of the Twinkie, but with far more flavor, and a creamier filling, than the usual processed treat.

I'll return here the next time I am in the area, and urge my readers to check it out as well.

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Michelle Collins said...

I grew up in Merrimack, and am a big fan of this diner! Especially this location (vs. Milford). Glad you enjoyed!