Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Boston Wine Expo: The Winner of Free Tickets & Some Insight

Would you like to win a free pair of tickets to the Boston Wine Expo?

Well, 23 people responded, seeking a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Sunday Grand Tasting (valued at $170) at the Boston Wine Expo, which will be held February 15-16. The Expo will showcase over 185 wineries from all over the world, with over 1000 wines to sample. This is a huge wine event, presenting a unique opportunity to taste a diverse selection of wines and hopefully to find some new favorites.

Using RandomOrg, the Winner of the free tickets was determined to be: @Boston_Drinks. Congratulations and you can pick up your tickets at the Expo at the Will Call window with proper ID.

And if you did't win the tickets, I can offer you a discount for tickets to the Saturday or Sunday Grand Tastings. Just use the code “SOCIAL” (without quotes) to get 10% off your tickets.

If you are attending the Boston Wine Expo, please also check out my advice and suggestions for handling a large scale wine tasting. This past weekend, I attended the Mohegan Sun Wine Fest, another large tasting event, and much of my advice was relevant there as well, from beginning my day with a hearty breakfast to spitting plenty.

I will be attending the Boston Wine Expo and hope to see many of you there as well. And I'll even give you a little insight into some of the wines I'll be seeking out at the Expo. First, I will be sure to taste a number of Portuguese wines, and I mean more than just Port. Portugal offers some of the best wine values in the world, and their plethora of indigenous grapes can create some fascinating still wines. I highly recommend you check out the Portugal tables. Second, I always check out the South African tables, as I am a fan of Pinotage and believe some very interesting wines are coming out of that country.

What wines will you be seeking out at the Expo?


Todd - VT Wine Media said...

Congratulations to the ticket winners!
Good call on exploring Portugal and South Africa, Richard. Both are great places to look for quality and affordability. I've found some S.African Chenin Blanc ( um, I mean Steen ) recently that were quite enjoyable for the daily table, and I look forward to scoping out some more.

dennissherman said...

Hello Richard....hoping to meet up with you for a taste of our elden selections' Burgundy in the Vintner's Reserve. We're also putting on a seminar on premier cru Cotes de Nuits and Beaune. Looking forward to it. All the best from Burgundy Dennis Sherman