Monday, May 11, 2015

Rant: The Day After, Tired & Beat

What group of people is the most tired and beat today, making Monday an even tougher ordeal than usual?

Yesterday was Mother's Day, a holiday where we honor one of the most important person in our lives. It was a day to treat our mothers, allowing them to relax and take a well deserved rest. We may have given our mothers gifts, such as flowers, chocolates, or wine. We may have taken our mothers out to brunch, lunch or dinner. In fact, some sources claim that Mother's Day is the biggest restaurant day of the year.

However, we may not think about all of the restaurant workers who must work on this very busy holiday, workers who sacrifice their own time with their mothers so that they can serve you and your mothers. From servers to cooks, dish washers to busers, they work hard on this holiday, to try to make everything right. And I'm positive they also have to deal with some difficult customers, including even a few who won't be satisfied no matter what happens. As you enjoyed your holiday meal, you may have given little attention to all of the staff who tried their best to please you.

I'm sure all of those restaurant workers were exhausted by the end of yesterday, and today, they are recuperating, resting up after such an arduous shift. They are probably the most tired group of people today, and some may even have to work today too. Yet who thinks about these restaurant workers today? All of their hard work from yesterday has been largely forgotten.

As Mother's Day is the biggest restaurant day of the year, a day of great importance, then maybe the Monday after should be a day, even unofficially, to recognize the hard work of all restaurant workers. We chose to take our mothers out for dinner rather than try to cook it at home. We relied on all of those restaurant workers to impress our mothers, to make our mothers have a great day. So they deserve recognition for their efforts.

Today, take some time to recognize these people. Give thanks to them. Spread the word about the restaurants you visited. Don't let them remain invisible after everything they did for you and your mother.            

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James said...

How did you honor your mother yesterday ? Did you take her to a new restaurant that you were waiting to try or take her to her favorite ?