Friday, April 27, 2018

A Greek/Mexican Menu At Committee For Cinco de Mayo

Most Americans probably don't understand the underlying meaning behind Cinco de Mayo in Mexico, but it has taken on a new meaning in the U.S., becoming more of a day to celebrate Mexican culture. For some, it is merely an opportunity to consume lots of tequila and tacos while for others it can be a learning experience about another culture. It is a time when Americans should be respectful of Mexican culture.

Committee, one of my favorite restaurants, is honoring Cinco de Mayo with a special menu, created by Chef Theo Tsilpanos and his talented team, that fuses Greek and Mexican cuisines. This menu will only be available for five days, from Tuesday, May 1 through Saturday, May 5, during dinner service. "Fusing the two cuisines is a new trend that is starting to pop up around the country, most recently with fast casual Souvla and Tacolicious in San Francisco teaming up to create Souvalicious Lam mole tacos earlier this month."

The full menu is below and all items are available a la carte. This menu will be offerred in addition to the regular menu. I think these fusion dishes sound delicious and innovative. And as Committee is consistently excellent, I expect these dishes will meet that same standard.

mashed avocados and herbs, feta, grated cotija, fried pita
Mexican Street Corn
spicy jalapeno mayo, crumbled feta
Beef Keftedakia
tomato-chipotle sauce, Mexican crema
Tacos (3 tacos)
--Pescado: fried smelts, skordalia, Greek olive salsa, corn tortilla
--Lamb Barbacoa: braised lamb, tzatziki, Fix beer guajillo, grape leaf tortilla
Pickled Octopus Tostada
chipotle aioli, Florina pepper, yellow pepper, Greek olive oil, vinegar lemon
Greek Ceviche
tsipoura, lime juice, red onion, Greek yogurt, aji amarillo, sweet potato, cilantro, fried calamari
Grilled Halloumi
guajillo vinaigrette, watercress, mezcal infused oranges
Whole Red Snapper
adobe marinated red snapper, achiote onions, rigani, Mexico City salad, served with corn and grape leaf tortillas, Greek olive salsa and homemade hot sauce
--Churros with merenda
--Dulce de leche ice cream, baklava crumble

I recommend you make a reservation for Committee and don't miss out on this special menu.

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