Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year: Welcome 2019!

It's the New Year, 2019, and it's my fervent hope that it is an even better year than the one before. I hope you understand though that it is your own efforts which will make the most difference to your life this year. You need to take an active role to make change, on all levels, and apathy is your enemy. And when we combine our individual efforts, we can accomplish even greater change. However, it all starts at the individual level taking control of our own lives.

Last year, I encountered some health issues, and they adversely affected some of my plans, including a trip I'd planned to Vermont. I made the effort to address my medical issues, and though it wasn't easy, I made some significant strides so that I'm much healthier now as I begin this New Year. However, I understand that I must continue battling those health issues in 2019, hoping that they continue to improve with time. I don't want these issues to interfere with my plans this year, and desire that my quality of life will improve and improve.

During the next couple months, I need to catch up with some of my blogging, to finish posts that I began last year but hadn't completed. I have a number of wine and spirit samples which I need to taste for potential reviews. I must return to some restaurants, especially my Favorite Hot New Restaurants, to dine there again with the idea of reviewing them. I need to review and possibly change some elements of my blog, from format issues to certain links.

In 2019, I look forward to attending the Seafood Expo in March and the Vermont Cheesemaker's Festival in August. I'm also hopeful that I'll have the opportunity to return to Portugal this year. I'd also like the explore more of the culinary scene in Portsmouth (NH), Kittery (ME), and Portland (ME). More locally, I want to explore more of the culinary scene in Jamaica Plain, Watertown, Quincy, and Worcester. And I still need to get to Bow Market in Somerville.

In 2019, I'll continue to explore more niche wines, including those of Georgia, Greece, Turkey, Uruguay, and more. I'll also continue to explore more spirits, from Whiskey to Brandy, from Rum to Baijiu. I also plan to sample more Australian wine, to see the changes that have been made in the industry within the last several years. I have some new wine books I need to review, and I know there will be more wine books published this year which will interest me. I also plan to do some more historical articles, hoping to uncover some intriguing information about wine and spirits. Finally, I'm also working on a new Sommelier series, where I will interview local sommeliers about their wine lists, wine pairings, and more.

I'll also be open to opportunities as 2019 progresses, as no one can really predict what might arise over the course of the year. I seek inspiration wherever I can, from magazine articles to friend recommendations. And sometimes you stumble upon something cool just by exploring an unfamiliar neighborhood. I hope 2019 brings some pleasant surprises.

What are some of your plans for 2019?

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