Monday, January 12, 2015

Rant: More Bread Pudding, Please

I'm sick and tired of cupcakes and froyo. It's time for something else, another dessert to take the world by storm. My vote for a replacement goes to Bread Pudding. It is a perfect comfort food, and is versatile so that you can create many different flavored bread puddings.

The origin of bread pudding extends back to the 11th century, as people tried to find ways to use their stale bread. A couple hundred years later, in England, it was known as "poor man's pudding" because it was popular with the lower classes. Essentially, bread pudding is made with some type of bread over which a custard-like sauce is poured before it is cooked. Numerous other ingredients can be added, from nuts to fruits, and you can use any type of bread, or bread-like food, such as muffins or donuts. It is relatively easy to make and can be absolutely delicious.

Back in December 2013, I made a wishlist for what I wanted to see more of in 2014, and one of those items was more bread pudding. I mentioned that there was a bread pudding bakery in California, Schulzie's Bread Pudding, which now has two locations. I wanted to see some local bakeries open which specialized in bread pudding. That hasn't happened yet but there has been some good news. Last week, Nation's Restaurant News reported on an increase of bread pudding during the past year. Part of my hopes have come true, there actually had been an increase of bread pudding during the course of 2014, though hopefully it will continue to grow in 2015.

The Nation's Restaurant News reported bread pudding had increased restaurant menu penetration for 5%, though there was not a discussion of its presence in bakeries. The article mentioned two restaurants which were serving bread pudding, including the Temple Bar in Harvard Square, which added a Coconut Bread Pudding with roasted pineapple and crème anglaise to their fall menu. This increase in menu penetration is a positive sign, and hopefully that the trend will spread beyond restaurants to include more bakeries too.

Where have you enjoyed bread pudding? And would you like to see a local bakery concentrating on bread pudding?


Leah Klein said...

We love bread pudding. Isabelle's favorite is at Full Moon (their maple bread pudding). I made a dairy free maple bread pudding for my husband which had a crunchy pecan praline on top (such a smart recipe -not mine- to add that for texture). I also made pumpkin bread pudding one year with leftover pumpkin purée (also dairy free). Soon I'll be making a bread pudding with the leftover Pannetone in my freezer that I cut up and froze and Christmas. I think that one will need some bourbon...because um...well just because.

jkommelb said...

Fat Cat Restaurant in Quincy has the best Bread Pudding I've ever had; if you find yourself near there, you should check it, I can't imagine you will be disappointed.