Sunday, December 12, 2021

Rant: Tell Them Who Sent You

While dining this past week, I was informed by our server that some guests had stopped by because they had read my restaurant review. That's always a cool feeling but it's rare because so few people inform a restaurant what brought them there. 

Before dining out, a significant number of people will seek out restaurant reviews to assist in their decision of where to eat. There are certainly plenty of options to find reviews, from large crowd-sourced spots to individual blogs. However, the diners often won't tell the restaurant what brought them in. They'll eat in silence, their motivation an enigma. 

I know restaurant reviewers would appreciate knowing when people rely on their reviews and patronize certain restaurants. That helps them know that their work has been helpful to their readers. The restaurants would also like to know what brought you into their places. During these difficult times for restaurants, they would appreciate any help they can receive, and knowing which reviews brought you in can benefit them.   

If one of my readers dines at a restaurant based on one of my reviews, and they enjoy their meal, I would appreciate that they told the restaurant that you visited them based on my recommendation.  Please also tell me where you dined based on my review. The same thing applies to everything else I have reviewed here, from wines to books. Let your voice be heard, and tell people where you learned of their products. It will cost you no more than a few moments of your time.

I encourage you to do this for any reviewer you use. If you like what they recommend, let it be known. You benefited from their reviews so give them a little something in exchange.  

Tell them I sent you.

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