Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fall Portfolio Tasting

What new wines are coming out this fall? Well, I had a chance to find out. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend the Fall Portfolio Tasting of three wine distributors: Vineyard Road, Adonna Imports and Wine Nose.

The tasting was held at The Elephant Walk in Boston, a French/Cambodian restaurant that is very good and well worth visiting. They have locations in Boston, Cambridge and Waltham. They provided the snacks at the tasting, from basic cheese and crackers to a few more exotic appetizers.

There were about 150 wines available for tasting. I certainly did not taste all of them but did a fairly good sample of what was available, especially the reds. Overall, I was very pleased with what I tasted and think local wine stores may have some excellent choices this fall.

I am going to list a number of the wines that I especially enjoyed at the tasting. These are some you might want to look for at your local wine store. In the near future, I might go into more detail about some of these wines.

Before I start though, I wanted to talk again about wine distributors/importers. I have mentioned before that there are some wine distributors/importers that have an excellent reputation because they usually choose very good wines. So, if you find an unfamiliar wine, but are familiar with the distributor/importer, you might take a chance on it. I have talked about this before with Adonna Imports and their Italian wines. I may not like every Italian wine in their portfolio, but chances are that if I find an unfamiliar wine, I will enjoy it. The same applies with Vineyard Road.

So, onto my list of recommendations. There were other good wines there too but I am only giving my preferred wines. I also am not mentioning those wines I have reviewed before. I have not listed prices as they only had wholesale prices. My most favorite wines of the tasting have been italicized.

Wine Nose:
2005 Phillips Hill "Toulouse Vineyard" Pinot Noir
1997 Kalin Cuvee DD Pinot Noir
2005 Roessler Cellars Clos Pepe Vineyard Pinot Noir
2001 Orcella Destiny Ridge Vineyard "Orsus"
2005 Kaena Hapa

Adonna Imports:
(It was especially interesting that so many of these wines were organic)
2006 Maison Vevey Blanc de Morgex et de la Salle, Aosta
2002 Mlecnik Chardonnay, Slovenia (organic)
2005 La Biancara Masieri Rosso, Veneto (organic)
2004 Weingut Pretterebner Blauer Portugieser, Burgenland, Austria (organic)
2003 Sanguineto, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Tuscany (organic)
2001 Le Piane, Boca, Piedmont
2001 Roddolo Flavio Barolo, Piedmont (organic)
2000 G.D. Vajra Barolo "Bricco Viole", Piedmont (organic)

Vineyard Road:
2005 Patrick Lesec "Pierres Dorees" Chateauneuf-De-Pape
2005 Domaine Remizieres Crozes Hermitage "Christophe"
2005 Domaine Remizieres Hermitage "Emilie"
2005 Domaine Madeloc Collioure Rouge "Serral"
2005 Domaine Madeloc Collioure Rouge "Magenca"
2005 Domaine Madeloc Collioure Rouge "Crestal"
2005 Domaine Vieille Julienne Chateauneuf-De-Pape
2006 Domaine Sarda Malet Cotes de Rousillon "Le Sarda"
2003 Domaine Sarda Malet Cotes de Rousillon "Terroir Mailloles"
2006 Bodegas Vina Herminia Rioja
2003 Bodegas Vina Herminia Rioja Crianza
2004 Clos Martinet "Martinet Bru", Priorat
2004 Clos Martinet Priorat
2004 Clos Mogador, Priorat
2005 Clos Nelin, Priorat
2004 Espectacle S.L. Espectacle, Montsant
2003 Riecine Chianti Classico Riserva
2005 Cantina Convento Muri Gies Santa Maddalena
2003 Cantina Convento Muri Gies Lagrein "Abtei Muri"
2005 Scholium Project Chardonnay "Nereides"
2005 Scholium Project Petite Sirah "Babylon"
2003 Eclipse Carneros Syrah

My ultimate favorite of the tasting had to be the 2004 Espectacle S.L. Espectacle, Montsant. This is a very small production wine, about 500 cases. It is made from 100 year old Garnacha. The wine maker is Rene Barbier, Sr. The 2004 is their first release. It is an expensive wine but would stand up to any high end Priorat wine. I am used to the inexpensive Montsant wines, $10-15. This wine blew me away. It is a complex, powerhouse with a very long finish. I am sure that it is going to score quite well when it gets reviewed by the major critics.

Some of these wines may be available at upcoming local tastings. If so, definitely give them a try. It looks like it is going to be a good season for new wines. I certainly have a list of wines that I will be seeking.


Rasa Malaysia said...

Cool, a wine review website...I have no clues about wine...I just know how to cook. LOL.

Richard A. said...

Hello Rasa and welcome to my blog. I deal with both wine and food. I hope you enjoy and maybe learn a thing or two.