Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Wine in China

I find the wine industry in China to be fascinating, especially as it is still in its relative infancy. It is interesting to see how it will develop. I previously discussed the state of the wine industry in China as well as ice wine in China. I have some more information to add on China and wine.

I found a very informative website on wine in China, called the China Wines Information Website. If you want to know anything about wine in China, this website may have it. There is a section of News, info on wines imported into China, Chinese markets, laws, wine prices, and even a message board. This site is good for general knowledge or for wineries seeking to break into the Chinese markets.


RougeAndBlanc said...

Be careful,
the China Wines Information Website has a spyware. Please turn on spyware protection before you access this site.

Richard A. said...

Thaanks very much for that info. That will definitely be helpful to everyone.