Saturday, October 13, 2007

Savory Tastes Cafe: Closed

I am greatly saddened to report that one of my very favorite restaurants, Savory Tastes Cafe, has closed. It apparently closed at the end of September. But, it is still currently available for Private Functions, at least for a time. You can call Chef Bell at 781-942-8287 to arrange a private event.

It is hopeful though that a new and improved Savory Tastes Cafe may open in the future. Though at a different location, it may add some of those items that some diners have requested. I fervently hope that Chef Bell does reopen another restaurant. I greatly miss Savory Tastes.

The restaurant business is very tough and it can be difficult to maintain a steady stream of customers. Savory Tastes Cafe had delicious & creative cuisine at reasonable prices. It was led by a passionate Chef supported by passionate staff. It is the type of restaurant that is rare in the North Shore area. It is the type of place I have long supported. Yet it had struggles. Why should that be the case? What does that mean for similar restaurants? What does the average diner seek?

Back in June, the local free newspapers issued the Reader's Choice Awards upon which I commented before. These awards were voted on by the readers. Now, it is difficult to say how accurate these awards are, but the results are interesting. It may give us some idea of what local diners seek.

It seems that chain restaurants did very well, those places with full alcohol licenses and often big screen TVs. Yet small restaurants with creative menus did not do as well. Personally I would choose the small restaurants. I am worried for some of my other favorite restaurants as well. I don't want the huge chains to push them out. Too many chains have the same old tired food. I usually go to restaurants for their food, not for TVs and martinis.

What this means is that you must strongly support those restaurants you love. Tell your family and friends about those places. Tell strangers. Don't worry about keeping your favorites secret. If you do that, they might not remain around too long. This is one reason I have this blog and my newspaper column. I want to share with others the places I love.

I wish the very best to Chef Bell with great hopes he opens another restaurant soon. I will definitely be there. And if he does, I will tell everyone about it here.

Savory Tastes Cafe

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