Saturday, October 20, 2007

Heavenly Souffle

Why does it seem lately that all of the interesting new food products are coming out of New York?

I very much enjoy Souffle. If it is at a restaurant, I am very likely to order it. But, I have never had it at home as it is not an easy dessert to make. It is very time consuming to make as well. Well, there may be a solution.

Heavenly Souffle is a new product, frozen Souffles that simply need to be popped into the oven for eighteen to twenty minutes. Very simple to prepare. The souffles even come in reusable white ceramic ramekins.

The Souffles currently come in Chocolate, Chocolate Mint, Raspberry and Pumpkin. The Chocolate is available now but the others won't be available until November 19. They cost $9 a box, which contains two Souffles.

The Souffles are available in New york, New Jersey and Connecticut. It does not appear that any stores in Massachusetts currently sell these Souffles but they can be mail ordered. You must order a minimum of four boxes.

I may order some of these soon to try them out, and to see how they compare to some of the delicious Souffles I have had at restaurants.

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Anonymous said...

I had Heavenly Souffle's the other day, and they were as good as any top restaurant. You can order on the Web. Fantastic