Wednesday, November 21, 2007


While on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, I decided to grab a bite to eat and decided on Uni. Located beneath the Eliot Hotel, and next to Clio, Uni is Ken Oringer's sashimi bar.

Uni is a small restaurant with a sushi bar and several tables. Their menu has a page of Japanese sake and specialty cocktails. There is a diverse selection of sake, available by the glass, bamboo pitcher, and bottle (small and large). I ordered a bamboo pitcher of the Hakushika Yamananishiki Junmai ($20). This chilled Sake was very good, mellow with pleasing flavors.

The food menu has a very interesting and innovative list of choices. Prices generally range from $7-$22. You could also order the Chef's Choice Sashimi Sampler, costing $45, $85, $105 or more.

I began with the Anago Tempura ($14), salt water eel with green tea salt and a shirred egg. I received three pieces of eel tempura which were delicious, with a nicely spiced batter. Presentation was very good and the tastes went well together. I just think it was a bit overpriced.

Next, I got the Spicy Yellow Fin Tuna Tataki ($20) with seared foie gras, Okinawa purple potato sauce, coconut and pear puree. This dish had four small squares of tuna, a couple topped with the foie and the other two with the pear puree. On the dish were squiggles of a Spanish mustard and the potato sauce. Again, an excellent presentation and the food was very delicious. But, this dish also seemed overpriced. Portions are small.

Finally, I got the Steak Teriyaki of Kobe Beef ($22) with kabayaki glaze and Vidalia onion juice. I got a small pile of thinly sliced steak, very tender. The steak tasted very good and on the plate were also three different types of salt along with a dish of the onion juice. Good presentation, excellent food. This cost of this plate seemed a bit more reasonable.

Overall, I highly recommend the food. It is innovative and quite delicious. But, portions are often small and prices are high. Maybe best to go on an expense account or on a special occasion when money is not really an object.

370 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA
Phone: (617) 536-7200

Uni in Boston

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