Friday, August 22, 2008

Beija’s Art of the Cocktail Series

Have you tried Beija yet? Beija is a new Brazilian Cachaca, also known as a virgin cane rum, that I think is great just on the rocks or mixed in any number of cocktails.

Come check out Beija’s Art of the Cocktail Series. On the second and fourth Tuesday of every month a small group of guests will receive an exclusive, hands-on lesson in cocktail creation from one of Boston’s finest mixologists.

As part of Beija’s commitment to helping Brazil’s poorest children, 100% of your reservation price will be donated to the ABC Trust.

Learn to make original cocktails, meet new people and enjoy gourmet food and drink. Reservations are first come first serve and will be limited to 20. Visit Beija to make reservations.

I will be there for their inaugural event at Great Bay on 8/26 from 6-7pm. Mixologit Jonathan Henson will be creating a Beija Old Fashioned. Hope to see you there!

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