Saturday, August 16, 2008

Le Patissier

As I recently mentioned, Troquet has now opened Le Patissier, a new desserterie on their first floor. I had the fortunate opportunity to check out Le Patissier at a special dessert tasting this past week. After my exquisite dinner upstairs, I was hopeful to be impressed once again.

At the helm of Le Patissier is Pastry Chef Sarah Woodfine, formerly of The White Barn Inn in Kennebunkport. I was able to speak a little with Sarah and it was quickly obvious that she was a passionate person. She is doing what she loves and that passion is leading to extraordinary concoctions. She takes great care in the creation of her pastries and desserts and is rightfully proud of her work. Basically everything is made from scratch, including her ice creams and sauces. So, you are not getting some pre-made or boxed dessert here.

The baking area is open so that you can watch Sarah work her magic. Though Le Patissier specializes in desserts, they have several savory items on their menu as well, more casual dining items yet clearly interesting. You might try the Summer Corn Bisque ($6.75--which is the same as the delicious Crab & Corn Bisque I had for dinner except without the Crab), the Mini Lobster Tacos ($11.75), or the Cubano Panino ($8.75).

The desserts are separated into Classics, Seasonal, Chocolate and Tastings. Please note that some of the items on the menu will change, especially the seasonal items. You can also order a Three Course Dessert Tasting ($24) or a selection of three or six Cheeses ($13/$24). Each dessert also has a recommended wine, including ports, sherries and sauternes.

Classics has such dishes as Vanilla Brulee with sour cherry & blueberry ($9.75) and Cookies & Cream, an assortment of gourmet cookies, fresh berries and a malted vanilla milkshake ($10.75). The Seasonal section has an item that particularly enticed me, the Honey Crisp Peach Souffle ($11.75) and you can find a Dark Chocolate Souffle with salted caramel ice cream ($11.75) under the Chocolate section. The Chocolate Tasting ($13.75) gives you Souffle, Fondant Cake and a Truffle Tart. I think there are plenty of choices on their menu which should please everyone.

For the dessert tasting, Pastry Chef Sarah Woodfine laid out about ten plates filled with chocolates and pastries. I have provided a couple pictures of some of the concoctions and will add another post of pictures as well. It was certainly a diverse selection of delectables and I enjoyed everything I tasted. The chocolate items were very rich and creamy. The cookies were flavorful and mostly seemed fairly light. A nice accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee. Everyone else at the tasting was enjoying the desserts too.

I even got to try some chilled strawbery soup (which is on their menu together with a strawberry shortcake). It came in a small martini glass, rimmed with sugar, and with pieces of strawberry in it. I found this particularly delicious.
I cannot fail to mention the cheeses we got to try as well. There were almost twelve different cheeses available with crackers, a veritable smorgasbord for cheese lovers. I have been on a cheese kick for months now, often opting for cheese plates rather than dessert. And this was an excellent selection, from creamy soft cheeses to a harder Manchego. I am sure that if you order the cheeses off the menu, they come with a full assortment of accoutrements.

Though New York City has a number of desserteries, Boston has not yet really gotten onto that wagon. There is Finales, which has several locations, but Le Patissier is a worthy alternative. I think La Patissier provides a more intimate atmosphere and has a passionate pastry chef who is truly working to create excellence. As I will return to Troquet for dinner, I will be sure to make a stop at Le Patissier as well. I recommend you check it out as well.

Le Patissier
140 Boylston Street
Boston, MA
Phone: 617-695-9463

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